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Pawtucket City Hall Can’t Handle Their Own Internal Fireworks, So They Will Dispatch Additional PoPo To Police Yours: Adding New Snitch Line So You Can Rat Out The Neighbor That You Know Called LEO On Last Year’s Christmas Party

The Pawtucket Police Department is asking residents to report any illegal fireworks they may observe this year to the Department following approximately 1,300 calls for service regarding fireworks in 2020. The Department announced that it will be deploying additional resources this year for a zero tolerance approach to the use[Read More…]

by June 8, 2021

Pawtucket Police Department Bicycle Patrols to Begin This Week

The Pawtucket Police Department will be launching the Bicycle Patrol again this year to starting this week and will continue through October. The Bicycle Patrol program enables officers to be more present in Pawtucket’s neighborhoods. The patrols are conducted at a slower rate of travel and allows for officers to be[Read More…]

by May 18, 2021

Vicente’s: A New Supermarket To Serve The Residents of Pawtucket!

New Supermarket to Serve the Residents of Pawtucket  PAWTUCKET- The City of Pawtucket is happy to announce that a new supermarket will be coming soon to serve the residents of Pawtucket and will be opening its doors in the City’s Woodlawn neighborhood, this summer. For several years, the 15,000 sf, former Ocean State[Read More…]

by May 10, 2021

Mayor Grebien Announces Opening of City Hall to Public Without Appointments

Mayor Grebien announced that City Hall will be opening to the public Monday through Thursday without the need to schedule an appointment for any department starting on May 17th.   “As our COVID-19 rates have steadily declined and more and more of our residents are getting vaccinated we feel comfortable with[Read More…]

by May 7, 2021

The Coalition Radio Network Week In Review! May 1 2021

Did you miss any of our ground breaking programming this week? From Congressman To Governors To Candidates …  Prison & Police Reform … Job Opportunities For The Physically Challenged … The Law … Red Bull Flavored Wings …  And Golf! Here. Is. The. Recap! Twin River Card Dealers Receive Misleading[Read More…]

by May 2, 2021

Pawtucket Based Community United 4 Positive Change: The Conversations Episode 3


by April 29, 2021

Pawtucket Based Community United 4 Positive Change: The Conversations

On April 9, Communities United for Positive Change (CU4PC) issued a comprehensive report detailing the challenges faced by, and the resultant demands of the Pawtucket community relative to the City of Pawtucket’s Police Department.  Below are nearly 2 hours of conversation … a conversation still in progress … of community[Read More…]

by April 22, 2021

Pawtucket City Council Ward 4 Councilperson Alexis Schuette Joined The Coalition! #38Soccer

    Pawtucket City Council Ward 4 Councilperson Alexis Schuette Joined The Coalition! We Talked Pawtucket! The Challenges .. The Opportunities .. The Attitude .. And Of Course .. That Soccer Stadium! #38soccer The Coalition Talk Radio Outrage Porn Free, Civilly Disobedient Media! The Coalition Talk Radio! Tues-Friday @ 7PM[Read More…]

by February 21, 2021


Below is a statement from the ACLU of RI on the imposition of curfews this evening by the cities of Cranston, Providence and Warwick. We believe they are extraordinary, unnecessary, and, ironically, likely to lead to discriminatory enforcement by police.   “The imposition of blanket curfews within three cities in[Read More…]

by June 2, 2020


As conflict over race-based discriminatory police practices permeates the country, ACLU of RI cooperating attorneys Shannah Kurland and Lynette Labinger today filed suit in federal court over a Pawtucket School Resource Officer’s (SRO) gratuitous and unlawful handcuffing and arrest last year of Tre’sur Johnson, a 13-year-old African-American honors student at Goff Middle[Read More…]

by June 2, 2020