Providence Parks! Providence Splash Pads and Pools Reopen, Summer Meal Service Begins

  Mayor Brett P. Smiley, Recreation Department Director Stephen Grace and Parks Superintendent Wendy Nilsson today announced the official reopening of Providence splash pads and pools and the start of summer meal service.  Splash pads are officially reopened today, and pools will open on July 3 but will be closed[Read More…]

by June 28, 2023

We Are Hiring! Providence Schools Announces Largest Hiring Initiative of the Year, Appointment Only Hiring Fair for 2023-24

From The Providence Public Schools: The Providence Public School District (PPSD) is pleased to announce its upcoming hiring event, hosting an impressive roster of over 190 candidates and 19 schools, which promises to be a remarkable opportunity to witness PPSD’s commitment to providing excellent education in the community. The appointment-only[Read More…]

by June 2, 2023

Providence Public Schools Respond To Providence Teachers Unions Social Media / Inaccurate Depicture Of School Closings/Teacher Layoffs

Providence Public School District Spokesperson Nicholas Domings spoke out this weekend about the growing controversy generated by Tweets from The Providence Public Teachers Union ….   From The Desk of Nicholas Domings, Spokesperson for Providence Public Schools: Maribeth Calabro and Jeremy Sencer have once again shown their true colors by running to[Read More…]

by December 13, 2022

Central High School, Providence Student Awarded $40,000 Scholarship At Surprise Awards Ceremony

Central High School Scholarship Winner Jose Santos Meets With RIDE Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green   The Surprise Award Ceremony – Jose Santos Learns Of His Award! A Central High School Student, Jose Santos, was awarded a $40,000 Scholarship by BigFuture, a project of The College Board, in a surprise reveal that[Read More…]

by November 21, 2022

Update! Henry Winters Electrical Outlet-Projected School Reopening!

The Coalition Radio Network, as a measure of its commitment to the Pawtucket Community, will continue to report on the challenges faced by The Henry Winters School, so as to inform Parents in Pawtucket The Letter Sent By Pawtucket School Superintendent Cheryl McWilliams   Two approaches are being managed simultaneously,[Read More…]

by September 14, 2022

Free Trees! 1,000 Free Trees Available For Fall Planting Through Energy-Saving Tree Program

  How can you say no to free, right? And if anyone has recently done any landscape architecture to their home, they know exactly how expensive trees, shrubs & plants can be. For a limited time, The Rhode Island State Department of Environmental Management, & the Arbor Day Foundation, in[Read More…]

by August 26, 2022

Providence Extends Water Park and Pool Hours, Coordinates Emergency Cooling Centers During Heat Advisory

Officials Urge Residents to Exercise Caution During Extreme Heat Conditions   Mayor Jorge O. Elorza, the Providence Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and the Providence Recreation Department today announced updates due to the anticipated heat advisory. With dangerously high temperatures expected in the city, Providence’s water parks and pools will be[Read More…]

by July 19, 2022

City of Pawtucket Announces Cooling Centers to the Public!

  Due to the anticipated high heat for the coming days, Mayor Donald R. Grebien has announced that Pawtucket’s Cooling Centers will be open to the public. The Cooling Centers will consist of the Blackstone Valley Visitors Center, the Leon Mathieu Senior Center, the Pawtucket Police Department Headquarters lobby, and[Read More…]

by July 19, 2022

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) Notified Of Partly Treated Sewage Discharge Into The Blackstone River From The Woonsocket Treatment Plant

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is investigating the discharge of partly treated wastewater from the Woonsocket Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility located at 11 Cumberland Hill Road in Woonsocket. DEM was first made aware of the discharge on the morning of June 5. The discharge is currently ongoing.[Read More…]

by June 5, 2022

RI Transit Riders: Where Does The Downtown Bus Hub Belong?

Riders Need To Be Heard The fate of the downtown Providence bus hub, which has long anchored Kennedy Plaza, has sparked considerable controversy. Rhode Islanders who ride the bus have been angry and distressed that the hub might be moved to a worse location. But now there’s a chance things[Read More…]

by January 5, 2022