In the wake of last Thursday’s Press Conference, with “Governor In Waiting” Dan McKee taking the dais for the first time, Coalition Reporter Pat Ford … focusing on the sudden announcement re: #38Soccer re: Tidewater Landing … messaged the following statement/questions ..

Let’s talk about small business in Rhode Island:

Over 100 Rhode Island companies are involved in the design, manufacture, distribution and retail sales of firearms

The community that supports these sales is responsible for the maintenance of open space around Rhode Island, as well as sponsoring firearms safety training & various outdoor sports activities

Rhode Island is amongst the safest states in the nation with respect to crimes committed using firearms

Pitman Robertson Act Excise Taxes generated over 7.3M$ to the State of Rhode Island for Sportfish & Wildlife restoration in 2019.

My Question:

Despite the Rhode Island Constitution’s Admonition  “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”, dozens of bills are being formulated in the Rhode Island General Assembly ranging from taxing ammunition, additional registration requirements, additional bans on types of firearms.

Where will you and your administration stand on this body of legislation, and where will the McKee Administration draw the line to protect the rights of all Rhode Islanders to bear arms?

The Response: (Vis Communications Director Andrea Palagi)

“In response to your question on various legislation: The Incoming Governor and his team will review and address such legislation when he takes office. Right now, the Incoming Governor is focused on the COVID-19 response, vaccine rollout and ensuring a smooth transition.

Thank you.”
An attempt to avoid the Third Rail of the politics of gun control? With the Rhode Island Gubernatorial Election effectively kicking off moments after the resignation of current Governor Gina Raimondo, will “GIW” McKee attempt to woo Progressives by abandoning the 2A Community? Or merely an attempt to test the political winds … in order to ascertain the political clout of the thousands who annually make the trek to Smith Hill?

Regardless, one thing is clear. With Dan McKee refusing to overtly support the Second Amendment, and the failure of Speaker Nick Mattiello to win reelection, there are no “2A Heroes” currently in House Leadership.

What Do You Think?






  1. Steve Cournoyer says:

    I trust him as far as I can throw him…

  2. Kenneth T Whalen says:

    If they are saying that this guy has no stand on gun control, they are full of shit. If they are unwilling to share his stand on gun control then they are hiding something.

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