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Nobody Worth Voting For: Democratic Candidate Gabe Amo’s Anti-Ceasefire Stance Highlights Perfectly His Party’s False Claims to Liberalism

  To be fair to Gabe Amo, the only reason he deserves to be singled out in particular for his morally bankrupt stance against a ceasefire in Palestine and Israel is because he is the Democratic candidate and presumptive runaway winner of the RI CD-1 congressional seat due to be[Read More…]

by November 7, 2023

BLM RI PAC Urges Governor Dan McKee to Appoint Kas De Carvalho to Enhance Diversity in Rhode Island District Court

From: The Black Lives Matter Rhode Island Political Action Committee (BLM RI PAC) The Black Lives Matter Rhode Island Political Action Committee (BLM RI PAC) is calling on Governor Dan Mckee to take a decisive step in addressing the underrepresentation within the Rhode Island District Court. With progress in diversifying[Read More…]

by October 30, 2023

Human Rights Watch: Gaza Telecomm Blackout \ Gaza Hospitals & Patients At Risk

From: Human Rights Watch: Telecommunications Blackout in Gaza amid Israeli Attacks Widespread Internet Cutoff Risks Giving Cover for Atrocities Widespread phone and internet outages occurred in Gaza on October 27, 2023, amid a concerted Israeli bombardment, almost entirely cutting off the 2.2 million residents from the outside world. Palestinian internet providers, including Paltel, the largest telecommunications[Read More…]

by October 28, 2023

It’s On! Dueling Speakahs! The RIGOP Jim Jordan Endorsement & The Rhode Island Democratic Response!

  As these things often do, it all started with a Tweet .. errrr …. X. Then the Hi Jinx ensued. The ongoing debate on the new House Speakah comes home to Lil’ Rhody!           Statement from Rhode Island Democratic National Committeewoman Liz Beretta-Perik Regarding RI[Read More…]

by October 17, 2023

Congressman Magaziner Update: Speakah McCarthy … Emergency Operations Center … Everett C. Wilcox Health Center!

  All Statements Are Credited To Representative Seth Magaziner:   Statement from Rep. Magaziner on the Motion to Vacate the Speaker: “I voted — along with the majority of the House of Representatives — to change the leadership of the House because I do not believe that Rhode Islanders support the agenda[Read More…]

by October 4, 2023

Republican CD-1 Candidate Gerry Leonard Calls to Keep the Government Open

  From The Gerry Leonard Campaign: Today, retired U.S. Marine veteran and candidate for Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District Gerry Leonard called upon members from both parties in the House to avoid a potential government shutdown and end the dysfunction that’s become business as usual in Washington. “This is simply[Read More…]

by September 24, 2023

Video & Text: Secretary of State Blinken Delivers Remarks at the Addressing the Urgent Security Situation in Haiti Meeting Plus! State Department Announces Additional VISA Restrictions on Haitian Gang Leaders

Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State New York City, New York Palace Hotel Remarks: SECRETARY BLINKEN:  Brian, thank you very much.  And good morning, everyone, and good morning, colleagues.  Prime Minister, welcome.  It’s very good to have everyone around this table in this moment, and I think it is a critical[Read More…]

by September 22, 2023

The Collective PAC Endorses Gabe Amo For Congress

  From The Gabe Amo – Congress Campaign Today, Gabe Amo, candidate for U.S. Congress, announced that The Collective PAC has endorsed his campaign to represent Rhode Island in Congress. “The Collective PAC is eager to support Gabe Amo’s campaign for the United States Congress,” said National Political Director Tolulope[Read More…]

by July 24, 2023

Kerry Kennedy Edition: Hypocrisy In Charity-Celebrating “Leaders” Who Make A Fortune “In Public Service”

  The first, in what will sadly be a long list of individuals who personally enrich themselves “Helping The Poor”, or “Advocating For Human Rights” …. The Posts will be simple: Copies of documentation*** reporting their outrageous salaries, a few pictures, a brief statement. Please feel free to comment. Or?[Read More…]

by July 20, 2023

Colin Kahl-Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Holds Briefing on US Deployment of Cluster Bombs

The Pentagon Transcript July 7, 2023   STAFF:  All right, good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to our in-person and virtual participants in today’s press briefing. To my left in the room, we are grateful to have the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Dr. Colin Kahl.  We’ll have roughly 30[Read More…]

by July 8, 2023