TwinRiver (Ballys?) Dealers Union Seeks To Break Ties To Sabatoni LIUNA Union

Just months off of a bitter dispute with Management and Laborers Local Union 711 – LIUNA, Twin River Card Dealers have filed paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board to formally  sever ties with the embattled Labor Union. Allegations of improper pension fund accounting …  cancelled health benefits … discrepancies[Read More…]

by April 17, 2021


We. Got. Legislation! A pioneering reengineering of Unemployment Laws that have knee capped the Rhode Island Business Community. Here is the actual realization of Rhode Island Restauranteur Dave Levesque of Brewed Awakenings! Find below links to conversations Rhody In Crisis! House Leader Blake Filippi On The Coalition! Dave Levesque/Brewed On[Read More…]

by April 9, 2021

Dave Levesque/Brewed Awakenings & Brian Kingsford/Bacaro Joined The Coalition. Let’s Get To Work! #RIBWI

  Brian Kingsford, Owner, Bacaro Restaurant & Dave Levesque, Owner Brewed Awakenings joined The Coalition Talk Radio to discuss the critical challenges facing the Hospitality Industry, the Rhode Island Economy and The Nation Writ Large at the onset of a Post Covid ? Economy. Mr. Levesque formally presented, and explained[Read More…]

by April 4, 2021

Brewed Awakenings Restauranteur Levesque Delivers Innovative Jobs Rescue Plan

An exigent crisis is facing the American Workplace. Unemployment benefits, coupled with Federal relief funds, are in many places outpacing the traditional wage structure that was the engine for business function. The result? The marked inability for businesses to fully staff their storefronts … choosing between crippling price increases or[Read More…]

by April 2, 2021

RIDOT Honcho Alviti Uses Rhode Island Capitol TV To Promote Private Industry: Conflict of Interest?

For years, wagging tongues have referred to Rhode Island’s Capitol TV as the tiny states very own Pravda, the infamous Russian News Agency that offered distorted, self indulgent views of Brezhnev era appartchiks as noble warriors on the front lines of building Soviet Worker’s Paradise. In it’s own Monty Python-esque[Read More…]

by March 2, 2021

Rhode Island Coalition of Wedding & Event Professionals (RICWEP) Released New Covid Event Training Video

Watch The Video Here: RICEWP Highlight on Vimeo The Rhode Island Coalition of Wedding & Event Professionals (RICWEP) has released a new training video to help event professionals operate their businesses more safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The video, sponsored in part by Rhode Island Commerce, was filmed and produced by Montage Media Productions and[Read More…]

by February 18, 2021

Rhode Island Government Offers Big Bucks Corporate Welfare To Out Of State Investors While Stiffing Rhody Businesses

Brewed Awakenings, a Rhode Island based chain of Coffee Cafe’s, has, like many Rhode Island restaurants, seen their business ruthlessly challenged by the 1 2 punch of a Pandemic, followed by a seemingly endless, oft changing list of rules, infrastructure investments. and state imposed limitations on their ability to conduct[Read More…]

by February 11, 2021

Coalition Talk Radio: In Conversation With Michael Riley We Talk The Market

Michael G Riley is Rhode Island’s Authority On, Well, The Market Not just the futures markets … Not just the stock markets … Not just the bond markets … The Market. Get it? We’ll Talked GameStop .. That Movie Company .. Really? Blackberry? And More … #STONKS He joined the[Read More…]

by February 1, 2021

Andrew Cooperrider-Brewed. He Defied An Order To Close – Now He’s Leading A Governor’s Impeachment

Andrew Cooperrider of Brewed. Leading the charge to Reopen Kentucky … And America. He fought the law, and he’s winning … for all of us. And about that Governor … #impeachandy Please Subscribe To This YouTube Channel? The Coalition Talk Radio Outrage Porn Free, Civilly Disobedient Media! The Coalition Talk[Read More…]

by February 1, 2021

Mock Wedding Pilot & Training Video Production Confirmed For The Rhode Island Coalition of Wedding & Event Professionals

  A Mock Wedding will be held at Ocean Cliff on Tuesday, January 26. Organized by the Rhode Island Coalition of Wedding & Event Professionals, this is a great partnership with Rhode Island Commerce as well as the Department of Health, Department of Business Regulation and the Providence Warwick Convention[Read More…]

by January 23, 2021