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Melillo Declares Candidacy For Open Cranston Rhode Island Ward 6 Council Seat – Expresses Concern Over Election Date!

  With the dramatic resignation of now former Cranston City Ward 6 Councilman Matthew Reilly fast becoming a fading memory, the question begs: In a year of unprecedented growth for Cranston, who will fill the void? Anthony Melillo, recently elected to the Cranston School Committee has stepped up for the[Read More…]

by May 30, 2023

To The Crusher! Mayor Smiley & Colonel Perez Demolish & Donate Illegal Forfeited Vehicles

  Mayor Smiley and Colonel Perez Demolish and Donate Illegal Forfeited Vehicles Community Response Team cautions use ahead of Memorial Day weekend   Mayor Brett P. Smiley and Colonel Oscar L. Perez, Jr. held a press conference today to destroy a dozen recreational vehicles that were seized by police and subsequently[Read More…]

by May 28, 2023

The Barrington 3 Teachers Sue Teachers Union NEA RI!

    Brittany DiOrio, Stephanie Hines, & Kerri Thurber … known within these pages as “The Barrington 3”, have formally filed suit against Labor Union NEA RI, according to Counsel for the Plaintiffs, Gregory Piccirilli. As stipulated by Plaintiff Diorio:   Per Attorney Piccirilli, National Education Association of Rhode Island[Read More…]

by May 25, 2023

Lead Poisoning Prevention Day With Homes RI: Safe & Healthy Homes Throughout Rhode Island!

    Housing Advocates met at the Rhode Island State House Library to speak to Lead Poisoning Prevention Day: Focusing on the dangers of still prevalent lead remediation issues, and in support of House & Senate Bills targeting a range of lead related safety issues. Featured Speakers: Representative Mia Ackerman,[Read More…]

by May 25, 2023

Pawtucket City Schools To Pawtucket Mayor Don Grebien: Drop Dead

    Money For A Stadium But Not For Schools?   As Recounted To The Coalition Radio Network: A  “Special Meeting” of the Pawtucket City School Committee was held last night, (May 22, 2023) with a decidedly unhappy ending for Mayor Don Grebien. In attendance: While open to the public,[Read More…]

by May 23, 2023

Francesca Leclerce: 2023 Providence Teacher of the Year! The Classroom Surprise!

Twas quite the surprise when Cameramen, School Administrators, Rhode Island Department of Education Officials, Teachers & Students converged on the classroom of Teacher Francesca Leclerc, at Providence’s Classical High School this past Friday … anointing Ms. Leclerc as the 2023 Providence Public School Teacher of the Year!   From The[Read More…]

by May 22, 2023

Disgraced Cranston Councilman Reilly Formally Suspended From The Bar!

  An “Emergency Petition” for “Interim Suspension” has been filed, and approved by the Rhode Island Supreme Court.  In the order (See Below) , a “Special Master” has been appointed, with the authority to seize Attorney Reilly’s legal records. Mr. Reilly, who has not responded to the Court, has until[Read More…]

by May 19, 2023

Video & Program: Providence Police Department Annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Service & Wreath Laying Ceremony

      The motto of the members of the Department is “SEMPER VIGILANS,” a term in Latin that is defined as “Always Vigilant.” This belief is not only displayed on the patch of the Providence Police, but is exemplified in the Department’s commitment to Community Policing, and its immersion[Read More…]

by May 13, 2023

Vindication! Justice For The Barrington 3! Complete Capitulation By Barrington School Department

  The Barrington School Committee, and Plaintiff Representative Attorney Gregory P. Piccirilli, briefed the public on a landmark settlement on the ongoing case of what the Coalition has coined The Barrington 3, Stephanie Hines, Kerri Thurber, and Brittany DiOrio.  Following countless evidentiary hearings, School Board “Trials” that at times had[Read More…]

by May 11, 2023

Following The Travails Of Tidewater Soccer Stadium Developers, The Brothers Johnson? But Wait, There’s More! Consider The Case of Mack Film Development, Millie Film Development & Brett Johnson (Part 1)

  The story is as old as time. Boy Meets Girl. Boy Falls In Love …. No, it’s the other story … Business needs investment capital. A smooth operator (smooth criminal?) … the well dressed man steps up, and offers the world. What could possibly go wrong? The Answer? Apparently,[Read More…]

by May 9, 2023