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What’s Your Favorite Gina Raimondo Memory? Here Is Your Place To Comment. Let’s Create A Memorial!

  While all the other Media Poobahs are weighing in, The Coalition Radio Network wants to ask You! what your favorite Gina Raimondo moment was … So we’ve opened up the comment section, to create sort of a farewell card, on ode … a paen … an homage to the[Read More…]

by January 9, 2021

RIDE Education Commissh Bars NK School District From Punishing Children … For The “Sins of the Father”

  Responding to an appeal brought on behalf of two North Kingstown children by ACLU of RI cooperating attorney H. Jefferson Melish, R.I. Commissioner of Education Angélica Infante-Green ruled today that the school district could not ban the children from in-school learning solely because their parents had let them attend school last[Read More…]

by December 29, 2020

The Steelyard: Howie Schneider, Ben Filchak, & Adam Chuong Joined RAMP Host Tina G. Pedersen

The Steelyard joined RAMP Host Tina G. Pedersen On Wednesday Dec 2, 2020! Special Guests! Howie Schneider-Executive Director Ben Filchak-Studio Director Adam Chuong-Course Director “The Steel Yard is a non-profit industrial art center and shared studio located in Providence, RI. We’re an arts maker space and non-traditional craft school offering[Read More…]

by December 27, 2020

RAMP! Host Tina Pedersen Joins Guests Tony Soly & Pat Ford On A Special Thanksgiving Eve Show!

Tony Soly joined RAMP Host Tina G. Pedersen on Wednesday Nov 25th 2020 on a Special Thanksgiving Eve Show! (Episode 17) Join RAMP Real Access Motivates Progress! & Host Tina G. Pedersen on The Coalition – Talk Radio, Wednesday’s @ 7PM Eastern Time! Watch Live! @ www.CoalitionRadioNetwork.com or www.Facebook.com/TheCoalitionRadio  [Read More…]

by December 27, 2020

RAMP! Rory Carmody-Access Point RI/Alyssa Gleason & Bob Cooper Governor’s Commission on Disabilities

The Rhode Island Governor’s Commission on Disabilities & Access Point RI joined RAMP Host Tina G. Pedersen on Wednesday Nov 18th 2020! (Episode 16) Special Guests! Rory Carmody: Director – Access Point RI Alyssa Gleason: Senior Planning & Program Development Specialist at RI Governor’s Commission on Disabilities Join RAMP Real[Read More…]

by December 27, 2020

RAMP! Tina Pedersen Joins Catherine Taylor Rachel Balaban Larry O’Brien-Age Friendly Rhode Island!

Age Friendly RI joined RAMP Host Tina G. Pedersen on Wednesday Nov 11th 2020! Special Guests! Catherine Terry Taylor Executive Director Rachel Balaban Regional Coordinator for Dance for PD Adjunct Lecturer, Brown University Larry O’Brien Providence Laughter Club Join RAMP Real Access Motivates Progress! & Host Tina G. Pedersen on[Read More…]

by December 27, 2020

RAMP Real Access Motivates Progress! Host: Tina Pedersen Guests: The Impossible Dream Catamaran EP14


by December 25, 2020

Rhode Island State Police Celebrate Kids, Cops & Christmas!

Hundreds of toys and more than $10,000 distributed to community organizations    The Rhode Island State Police today announced that through their Kids, Cops & Christmas initiative, they have been able to distribute hundreds of toys and more than $10,000 to community organizations throughout Rhode Island.    “We are thrilled by the outpouring[Read More…]

by December 24, 2020

A Christmas Message From Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo

“The holiday season — a celebration of light, love, and family amidst the shortest and coldest days of the year — is more important now than ever before. After a challenging year, we’re winding down into a winter that seems a little colder and a little less familiar. It would[Read More…]

by December 24, 2020

Rhode Island Coalition Of Wedding & Event Professionals To Include Small Business Coalition In Rally Tomorrow December 22

  A rally will be held on Francis Street along the sidewalk facing the Vets & Renaissance Hotel just before the Governor’s Press Conference from 11:00 am – 1:00pm. We will also invite and collaborate with all small businesses who have been affected by the Pause, shutdowns, restrictions, funding, and[Read More…]

by December 21, 2020