Articles by: Pat Ford

Regent Craft: Welcome To Quonset Point! Electric Passenger Wing-In-Ground-Effect Vehicles. The Seaplane Reimagined!

  Regent Craft, in conjunction with the Quonset Development Management Team held a joint celebration on Monday, December 5: Recognizing the 13,000th Quonset Hire, & the arrival of Regent Craft, a developer & manufacturer of electric seagliders. Governor McKee was joined by Senators Reed & Whitehouse, as well as a[Read More…]

by December 6, 2022

Biden Administration Caves To Petro Interests & Venezuelan Maduro Regime: US Treasury Issues Venezuela General License 41 Upon Resumption of Mexico City Talks

  For the second time in less than a month, the Biden Administration has engaged in significant policy concessions to an oppressive authoritarian regime. Earlier in November, the US State Department requested the Justice Department “submit a suggestion of immunity” to the Federal District Court trying the case of freshly-appointed[Read More…]

by November 28, 2022

Swift & Furious Reaction To The Biden Administration’s US Department of Justice “Suggestion of Immunity” For Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman In The Murder Of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi

  The International Human Rights Community continues to recoil in horror with the disclosure that the United States Department of Justice issued a “Suggestion of Immunity”, after the elevation to the title of Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, of Mohammed bin Salman, largely recognized as the Architect of execution of[Read More…]

by November 24, 2022

Human Rights Watch: Syria Cluster Munitions / Global Plastics Treaty / Iran

Syria: Cluster Munitions Used in November 6 Attacks Hits on Displaced People’s Camps Killed Civilians Attacks by the Syrian-Russian military alliance on November 6, 2022, used banned cluster munitions on four camps for internally displaced people, Human Rights Watch said today.The attacks killed eight civilians and wounded dozens of others, including[Read More…]

by November 24, 2022

Mayor Elorza Relaunches #ThinkPVD Campaign! Waterfire! Free Parking! Support Small Bidness!

  Annual #ThinkPVD campaign encourages residents and visitors to support Providence’s small business community and creative economy this holiday season   Mayor Jorge Elorza today announced the launch of the City’s eighth annual #ThinkPVD campaign. Ahead of Small Business Saturday on November 26, the #ThinkPVD campaign will be encouraging holiday[Read More…]

by November 23, 2022

Pawtucket Director Of Administration Zelazo Snaps Back At Councilman Gregor Over Park Appointments!

  City of Pawtucket Chief Of Staff Dylan Zelazo is not happy. The “Non Factual” reference was employed this week in a communication to the Pawtucket City Council. (See Below) In a prior City Council Meeting, Councilman Clovis Gregor, citing the absence of Ward 5 representation on Pawtucket City Boards,[Read More…]

by November 22, 2022

US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken Remarks – On The Afghan Evacuatation

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken AL-UDEID AIR BASE DOHA, QATAR Good afternoon, everyone.  I just had an opportunity to visit Camp As Sayliyah.  This is the joint Department of Defense, State Department operation to help bring Afghans, Afghan allies to the United States.  It’s where we’re working to[Read More…]

by November 22, 2022

Central High School, Providence Student Awarded $40,000 Scholarship At Surprise Awards Ceremony

Central High School Scholarship Winner Jose Santos Meets With RIDE Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green   The Surprise Award Ceremony – Jose Santos Learns Of His Award! A Central High School Student, Jose Santos, was awarded a $40,000 Scholarship by BigFuture, a project of The College Board, in a surprise reveal that[Read More…]

by November 21, 2022

Committee to Protect Journalists Honors Reporters Who Defy War & Repression

  The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) paid tribute Thursday evening to inspirational journalists from Cuba, Iraqi Kurdistan, Ukraine, and Vietnam by presenting them with the 2022 International Press Freedom Awards (IPFA). CPJ’s board of directors also honored Russian editor and publisher Galina Timchenko with its 2022 Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award. The event was held live in[Read More…]

by November 20, 2022

Migration Policy Institute: Despite Strong Upward Mobility Overall, One-Third of Immigrants in United States Are Low Income

  From The Migration Policy Institute: The immigrant population in the United States is highly diverse in its origins, characteristics and outcomes after arrival. While research has long demonstrated strong upward mobility for immigrants overall, both over time and generations, the challenges of starting over in a new country can[Read More…]

by November 20, 2022