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US State Department Daily Press Briefing-Speaker McCarthy & President Tsai The DPRK The IDF & More! 04/06/23

  Vedant Patel, Principal Deputy Spokesperson, led a discussion on Speaker McCarthy & President Tsai / The DPRK / The IDF & more! at The State Department in Washington, DC. The Transcript: MR PATEL:  Hey, everybody.  Good afternoon.  Just some housekeeping.  I do have a bit of a hard out[Read More…]

by April 7, 2023

Department of State Daily Press Briefing March 28, 2023

  Vedant Patel, Principal Deputy Spokesperson Washington, D.C. MR PATEL: Good afternoon. I have two very brief things off the top and then I’m happy to dive into your questions. So first, today the United States took action in coordination with the United Kingdom to designate key individuals supporting the regime[Read More…]

by March 29, 2023

Department of State Daily Press Briefing ROK & Japan Mexican Kidnappings Russia Türkiye Syria 030623

    Ned Price, State Department Spokesperson, led a discussion on ROK & Japan, Mexican Kidnappings! Russia .. Türkiye .. Syria! at The State Department in Washington, DC The Transcript: MR PRICE:   Good afternoon.  Welcome back to all of those who were traveling with Secretary Blinken.  Welcome to the week[Read More…]

by March 7, 2023

Defend The Guard! Legislation Passes Legislative Committee In Montana! Video/Press Statement/Legislation Included

From Defend The Guard: The House Energy, Technology, and Federal Relations Committee of the Montana House of Representatives passed H.B. 527, the Defend the Guard Act, and the bill will proceed to the House floor. This bill would prohibit the deployment of the Montana National Guard into overseas combat missions[Read More…]

by February 28, 2023

Department of State Daily Press Briefing- Israel & The West Bank PRC Korea Türkiye Aqaba! 02/27/23

  Ned Price, State Department Spokesperson, led a discussion on Israel & The West Bank, The PRC, Korea, Türkiye, & Aqaba! at The State Department in Washington, DC The Transcript: Good afternoon. I have one thing at the top, and then I look forward to taking your questions. The United[Read More…]

by February 28, 2023

Brigadier General Pat Ryder-Pentagon Press Secretary Holds Briefing on the 1rst Anniversary of the Ukraine War (Fact Sheet/Press Release/Transcript Included)

    Press Release-US Department of Defense Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine One year ago today, Russia launched an unprovoked and indefensible full-scale invasion of its peaceful and democratic neighbor Ukraine. One year on, the commitment of the United States, together with some 50 countries who have[Read More…]

by February 25, 2023

Statement by Ambassador Katherine Tai on the Imposition of Higher Tariffs on Additional Imports from Russia

United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai today released the following statement after the White House announced additional actions to hold Russia accountable for its invasion of Ukraine: “Over the last year, President Biden has worked with our Allies and partners to support Ukraine and impose strict costs and sanctions on[Read More…]

by February 24, 2023

US Commerce Department Imposes Additional Export Restrictions in Response to Russia’s Brutal War on Ukraine

  Restrictions Announced Today Coordinated Closely with International Partners and Demonstrate Steadfast Commitment to Ukraine   Today, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) released four rules developed in concert \with international allies and partners in response to Russia’s unjust, illegal war on Ukraine. The rules released today,[Read More…]

by February 24, 2023

US Treasury Department: Targeting Key Sectors, Evasion Efforts, and Military Supplies, Treasury Expands & Intensifies Sanctions Against Russia

  Today, one year after the Russian Federation launched its unprovoked war against Ukraine, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is taking significant action to diminish Russia’s ability to continue its brutal war and to procure the resources used to support it. In one[Read More…]

by February 24, 2023

FACT SHEET: On One Year Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, Biden Administration Announces Actions to Support Ukraine & Hold Russia Accountable

  Statement from The White House: One year ago, Russia launched its brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The United States has rallied the world in response, working with our allies and partners to provide Ukraine with critical security, economic, and humanitarian assistance and leading unprecedented efforts to impose costs[Read More…]

by February 24, 2023