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Human Rights Watch UN: Support Impartial Justice for War Crimes in Ukraine

  Global Commitment to Accountability Should be Model for Other Crises From: Human Rights Watch United Nations Security Council members should use an informal meeting on accountability for serious crimes in Ukraine to highlight the importance of impartial justice and coordination of a wide range of international accountability efforts, Human Rights Watch said[Read More…]

by April 29, 2022

Human Rights Watch Today China: Credibility of UN Human Rights Chief’s Visit At Risk

From Human Rights Watch: 60 Groups Urge Transparency, Protection of Sources, Release of Overdue Report The planned visit to China by the United Nations high commissioner for human rights should meet minimum standards to be considered credible, Human Rights Watch and 60 other groups said today. The groups urged High Commissioner Michelle[Read More…]

by April 20, 2022

Human Rights Watch Today Ukraine:

Ukraine: Deadly Attacks Kill, Injure Civilians, Destroy Homes Explosive Weapons Leave People Dead, Wounded, Homeless; Damage Vital Infrastructure More than 450 civilians were reportedly killed or injured in the first 11 days of the war, in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, as a result of Russian airstrikes and artillery shelling of populated areas,[Read More…]

by March 20, 2022

Human Rights Watch Today: Russia: Brutal Arrests & Torture, Ill-Treatment of Anti-War Protesters

  Thousands Arrested on March 6; Protesters Abused in Detention From Human Rights Watch: Russian authorities have arbitrarily arrested thousands of peaceful protesters at anti-war rallies across Russia, in line with their increasingly brutal crackdown on those who disagree with Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine, Human Rights Watch said today. The police[Read More…]

by March 9, 2022

Human Rights Watch Today: Ukraine: Mariupol Residents Trapped by Russian Assault / Afghanistan: Taliban Threatening Provincial Media

  Ukraine: Mariupol Residents Trapped by Russian Assault Facilitate Civilians’ Access to Safety; Urgently Restore Water, Electricity Civilians in Ukraine’s southeastern coastal city of Mariupol have not had access to running water, electricity, or heat since March 2, 2022 when Russian forces surrounded the city, as part of a larger offensive,[Read More…]

by March 8, 2022

Human Rights Watch: Russia On War Footing Crushing Independent Media

Authorities Threaten Independent Media Over War Reporting From Human Rights Watch: Russian authorities have threatened to fine or block 10 Russian independent media outlets if they do not delete publications about the war in Ukraine, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities have interfered with access to Facebook and Twitter and[Read More…]

by February 28, 2022

Human Rights Watch: United States Border Program’s Huge Toll on Children

  Data Analysis of ‘Remain in Mexico’ Shows Impact From Human Rights Watch: The United States and Mexican governments have subjected more than 20,000 children to the risk of serious harm under the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), commonly known as the “Remain in Mexico” program, Human Rights Watch said today based on analysis of new data. The United[Read More…]

by February 5, 2022

Human Rights Watch World Report 2022: The Future for Autocrats is Darker Than It Seems

But Democratic Leaders Need to Do Better to Meet Global Challenges Autocratic leaders faced significant backlash in 2021, but democracy will flourish in the contest with autocracy only if democratic leaders do a better job of addressing global problems, Kenneth Roth, executive director at Human Rights Watch, said today in releasing[Read More…]

by January 17, 2022