Biden Administration Caves To Petro Interests & Venezuelan Maduro Regime: US Treasury Issues Venezuela General License 41 Upon Resumption of Mexico City Talks

  For the second time in less than a month, the Biden Administration has engaged in significant policy concessions to an oppressive authoritarian regime. Earlier in November, the US State Department requested the Justice Department “submit a suggestion of immunity” to the Federal District Court trying the case of freshly-appointed[Read More…]

by November 28, 2022

Congressman Cicilline Statement on Speaker Pelosi’s Retirement

From The Office Of Congressman David Cicilline: Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01) released the following statement after Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that she will step down from House Democratic leadership. “Today is a bittersweet day for our country as we mark the end of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as the leader of the[Read More…]

by November 17, 2022

Dana Traversie Challenges Mr. Speakah!

    From The Dana Traversie-State Representative Campaign: Today, Dana James Traversie reminds Mr. Speaker that the people are still watching and won’t be fooled. The general assembly is now in possession of Governor McKee’s formal request for pay increases for select cabinet directors. Mr. Speaker now has 30 days to[Read More…]

by November 1, 2022

Senate Minority Caucus Sends Letter To Rhode Island Department Of Education (RIDE) Calling For Immediate Oversight Hearing

Senator Jessica De La Cruz, amplifying the new, assertive tone of the Senate Republican Caucus that has emerged since her election as Senator Minority Leader earlier this year, is again, in conjunction with the Senate Republican Caucus, demanding accountability, in this case, regarding the “Missing” RICAS Scores from The Rhode[Read More…]

by October 18, 2022

Ashley Kalus Camp Declares Victory After Contentious Rhode Island College Debate

Just hours removed from yet another contentious debate, the Ashley Campaign, for the second time, spiked the football on a clearly frustrated, confused Governor Dan McKee …. “McKee failed to offer a vision on how to get our kids to school in Providence. McKee failed to outline on what basis[Read More…]

by October 14, 2022

Morley Field – Still For Sale? The Grebien Administration Continues To Move Forward Unabated.

The relentless grind of the Grebien Administration continues unabated, along with their unfettered determination to sell Ward 5’s Morley Field … The neighborhood’s only green space … the neighborhood’s only park currently suitable for youth athletic play … out from under the residents of Pawtucket. This week? Young Dylan Zelazo,[Read More…]

by October 14, 2022

The Libertarian Party of Rhode Island Condemns The Format of Rhode Island College’s Gubernatorial Forum


by October 13, 2022

State Of Rhode Island Rolls Out Child Tax Rebate! Available NOW! Included: Video/How To’s/Forms!

It’s On! Finally, some payback for that little bundle of joy that is eating the equivalent of the GDP of a small island nation! A 250$ Tax Rebate … Available now! Watch the video, read the descriptions, follow the links, and score some scarole. (So far, no “While Supplies Last”[Read More…]

by October 8, 2022

Kalus Campaig Reacts To WPRI Poll: “It’s shocking to see a Democrat incumbent, in a Democrat state, way under 50%”

Matthew Hanrahan, spokesman for Ashley Kalus’ campaign for governor, released the below statement following WPRI announcing the results of its gubernatorial poll. Hanrahan said, “It’s shocking to see a Democrat incumbent, in a Democrat state, way under 50%. Ashley is leading McKee by double-digits with Independents and has a lot[Read More…]

by October 8, 2022

The Kalus Economic Plan: A Roundtable Of Entrepreneurs (Video) / The Plan / The Sidebar Conversation

  GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ashley Kalus hosted a roundtable for local entrepreneurs Thursday to announce, then discuss, her economic development plan for Rhode Island. The plan itself is comprehensive in nature, featuring tax reform, with a focus on sales tax reduction & elimination of tax brackets for low income earners[Read More…]

by October 7, 2022