Despite Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien’s cheerful prognostications, the City of Pawtucket is suspending payments to School Construction Contractors, most notably the Baldwin School Project.

It is expected, based on background conversations, that Baldwin construction will cease immediately.

The Coalition has consistently maintained, given the behavior of the City, that the ability to support current authorized bonding is severely limited. Repairs to Shea High School, a facility operating under a formal warning from NEASC, for issues related to infrastructure, have been stalled for nearly a year. Roadblocks from Pawtucket City Hall consistently delayed the submission of the “Stage 2” Authorization to the Rhode Island Department of Education, delaying the need for bonding.

At the same time? The City of Pawtucket continued to spend valuable ARPA dollars:

The City recently authorized a $14.8 million dollar purchase of an office building to be used as a temporary? Permanent? replacement for City Hall, utilizing ARPA funds.
The City of Pawtucket authorized a $10 million dollar contribution for the construction of a the troubled Tidewater Soccer Stadium, utilizing ARPA funds.


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Critical School and City Finances Correspondence from City Finance Director 3-14-24 (1)


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