Just last week, we reported that freshly minted Pawtucket School Committee Chair Jay Charbonneau was already at odds with SuperCFO-Melissa-Devine replacement Anthony Voccio, himself a refugee from the Providence School Department.

It appears Mr. Voccio may be about to exit, as they say, “Stage Left”

The Coalition has received several, on background, calls with words like “uncooperative” …”toxic work environment” … unresponsive … being bandied about.

Tonight’s, now postponed Pawtucket School Committee Meeting Agenda tells a tale.

Let’s read the tea leaves:

Two items of concern are listed, at the top, under New Business Discussion/Action Items:

A. Capital Reserve Fund $2.2M Negative Balance (Yikes!)


B. Approval for the Procurement of Financial Consulting Services

Couple this with a request for an extension to The Coalition’s recently transmitted APRA Request … for information that should be available from a standard-issue canned accounting report … and there’s trouble in River City.

FORD, Pat (extension ltr.) Pawtucket Schools

The Coalition has reached out to School Chair Charbonneau for comment.

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Pawtucket School Committee February 13 (Now Delayed) Agenda

2-13-24 Regular Meeting Agenda Pawtucket School Committee


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