From The Office of Congressman David Cicilline:

Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01)  voted against the Default on America Act, an extreme MAGA Republican proposal that will inflict cruel budget cuts which will hurt Rhode Islanders. “The Default on America Act is an absurd, cruel proposal that is not – as House Republicans claim – fiscally responsible,” said Congressman Cicilline. “America pays its bills and cannot default on its debt. This would be incredibly irresponsible and would wreck the nation’s economy with rippling effects worldwide. This proposal will raise costs for working families, increase unemployment, car payments, student loans, and credit card bills, and mortgages will skyrocket. I stand ready to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to continue Democrats’ historic deficit reduction and responsibly invest in America to lower costs and create better paying jobs. Enough with the political games.” By refusing to act now to prevent a default on America’s debt, House Republicans are threatening an economic disaster that will devastate Rhode Island families, seniors, and students. In Rhode Island’s First Congressional District, this Republican default on our debt would:

  • Kill 5,600 jobs as unemployment doubles;
  • Threaten the retirement savings of 71,200 people near retirement;
  • Put Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Affairs health benefits at risk for 234,000 people; and
  • Jeopardize Social Security payments for 70,000 families.

The Default on America Act is no better.

In Rhode Island alone, this extreme House Republican scheme would:

  • Put 55,000 people at risk of losing Medicaid coverage;
  • Threaten access to food assistance for 3,000 people aged 50-55;
  • Eliminate preschool and childcare for at least 900 children;
  • Increase housing costs for at least 2,400 people; and
  • Make college more expensive for at least 25,200 students.

House Democrats have already cut the deficit by historic levels and President Biden’s budget reduces deficits by $3 trillion more over the next 10 years while investing in America – lowering costs by making childcare, health care, and housing more affordable, supporting better schools, and strengthening our infrastructure.

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  1. One thing is for sure Providence working families are no more better off now than when the so called rescue plans went into play. Not only did tax season tax collect more taxes from hourly workers that I can personally attest to, but the current spending rampage of the state and the city at large has pushed yet another homeowner property tax increase under the Smiley administration. at this point, a default would be acceptable as the US continues to endebt it’s legal workers into carrying the weight for those who spend frivolously. the US cannot, and our children should not have to cover the bill for an irresponsible international spender. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

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