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FLASH! Twin River / Bally? Dealers Petition To Support Labor Union Decertification!

After a long contentious debate, marked by LIUNA Union Robocalls .. alleged intimidation, including Union Officials staking out employee entrances, minimal pay raises. alleged improper pension payments, and finally,  passing out highly inflammatory literature, Union Members have taken the next step in the decertification/participation in LIUNA Local 711. Having met[Read More…]

by April 26, 2021

Twin River Card Dealers Seek To Break Ties To LIUNA Labor Union

Just months off of a bitter dispute with Management and Laborers Local Union 711 – LIUNA, Twin River Card Dealers have filed paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board to formally sever ties with the embattled Labor Union. Allegations of improper pension fund accounting …  cancelled health benefits … alleged[Read More…]

by April 17, 2021

RIDOT Honcho Alviti Uses Rhode Island Capitol TV To Promote Private Industry: Conflict of Interest?

For years, wagging tongues have referred to Rhode Island’s Capitol TV as the tiny states very own Pravda, the infamous Russian News Agency that offered distorted, self indulgent views of Brezhnev era appartchiks as noble warriors on the front lines of building Soviet Worker’s Paradise. In it’s own Monty Python-esque[Read More…]

by March 2, 2021

Embattled Union Head Only Labor Union Appointment To McKee Transition Team

In a surprise move, Democratic Governor In Waiting Dan McKee’s recently announced transition team included only 1 representative of organized labor. And that representative? Armand Sabatoni, General Secretary – Treasurer of LIUNA. The embattled Union representing dealers at Twin River Casinos The situation at Twin River appears to be dire:[Read More…]

by January 25, 2021