In a surprise move, Democratic Governor In Waiting Dan McKee’s recently announced transition team included only 1 representative of organized labor. And that representative? Armand Sabatoni, General Secretary – Treasurer of LIUNA. The embattled Union representing dealers at Twin River Casinos

The situation at Twin River appears to be dire:

Dealers are bitterly complaining about the elimination of health insurance, despite most meeting the 30 hours/week qualification set by Twin River Management.

Watch Pat Ford interview Twin River employee Jen Ruotolo

Raimondo Administration Chief Brett Smiley Questioned By Coalition Reporter Pat Ford


Additionally, Twin River, currently in an aggressive acquisition mode, is allegedly unwilling to provide workplace fundamentals: Water … Aggressive Social Distancing … Adequate Scheduling Procedures … The dealers, who currently are paid subminimum wages, relying on tips, are responding accordingly:

Dealers at Twin River Casino are circulating a Petition to decertify LIUNA.

A complaint has been filed by at least one Twin River Casino Employee, citing unfair labor practices, with the National Labor Relations Board.

The Coalition reached out to Governor In Waiting McKee Saturday evening. We have yet to receive his response to the following questions:

Currently, the Labor Union representing card dealers @ Twin River, in coordination with Twin River/Bally’s:
Are in the process of eliminating Health Insurance for Casino Dealers, in the midst of an acquisition spree by Twin Rivers Additionally: They are allegedly
Permitting unsafe working conditions
Placing inadequate controls on social distancing
Paying sub minimum wages to Dealers, forcing a reliance on uncertain tip income in the midst of a Pandemic
As well as engaging in a pattern of deception re: in house covid cases, the hours necessary to qualify for health insurance, and overall availability of work hours.
Question: Why would individuals associated with these issues be involved in an effort as serious as the transition of administrations? Are these work/labor practices endorsed my Governor In Transition McKee? Will Governor McKee formally condemn these practices?
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