Just months off of a bitter dispute with Management and Laborers Local Union 711 – LIUNA, Twin River Card Dealers have filed paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board to formally sever ties with the embattled Labor Union.

Allegations of improper pension fund accounting …  cancelled health benefits … alleged discrepancies in pension payments that in some cases have spanned decades … poor working conditions … and COVID era worker safety issues have been a constant source of friction between front line casino dealers, the Union, & Twin River Management. A new contract, with a minimal, sub inflationary hourly increase, (see below) has done little to assuage a persistent air of anger & cynicism. (Dealers rely on tips – Under a new contract their hourly wage will “rise” to 6.90$/Hours)

Union Decertification Deadlines

Under Federal Law, LIUNA must post a “Notice of Petition for Election” by April 22, 2021. A “Statement of Position” must be filed by both the Union & Twin River Management by April 27, 2021.

The Coalition has reached out to Twin River Management & Governor Dan McKee’s office for comment. Updates will be posted here as they occur. See documentation below, as well as previous interviews.

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Prior Coalition Radio Network Reporting

From A January 17, 2021 Social Media Post:

Twin River Diaries: How A Gambling Giant Mistreats Frontline Employees. Revoked Health Insurance? Under Reported COVID Cases? Sub Minimum Wage Pay? Uncertain Hour?
Years ago, The Coalition predicted that Twin River Corporation (Bally’s?) would use the revenue generated by it’s Gambling Monopoly in Rhode Island to launch an acquisition binge that would eventually A. Develop a national casino “footprint” & B. Relegate Rhode Island to an afterthought. That’s already happened. Government has stood idly by as Twin River literally vacuums local capital out of Lil Rhody, outlawing any local non state owned competition. But that isn’t even the true scandal here. Working conditions that would not be tolerated anywhere in the public or private sector exist here in staggering fashion
Jen Ruotolo joined The Coalition Talk Radio to share an insiders perspectives of work as a Casino Card Dealer. Revoked Health Insurance. A failure to report Covid Cases. Inadequate sanitary protection (1 Word: Chips). Sub Minimum Wage Pay. Uncertain hours. A reliance on Tips.
Additional Videos:

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  1. frank Rizzo says:

    Thank you again for exposing share holders of that casino.I am waiting to go back to work,but can not because the 2nd floor continues to be closed all week because they do not have enough dealers to open up poker.So I collect 591 a week after taxes and had to go on medicaid.I can’t afford a 400 dollar a month inhaler,but as you know they dropped health coverage .I am in the cashier union.My union did shit .It allowed our business agent to set herself up with a high limit room schedule only .Shes 72 and can not retire to greedy.

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