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FIRE! University President Threatens Student Newspaper Editor For Asking Questions, Not Treating Administration With ‘Highest Respect’

Student journalist Jared Nally is defending his rights after the university president threatened him with disciplinary action if he continued to engage in basic acts of journalism.   Haskell Indian Nations University president issues student-editor a “directive” entirely incompatible with practice of actual journalism. Student-editor: “When our university challenges the[Read More…]

by October 27, 2020

Stockton University Drops Five Charges For Student’s Political Facebook Status-Disruption Charge Remains

Stockton University drops five charges for student’s political Facebook status, disruption charge remains Amid public backlash, Stockton now claims student’s Facebook status, not his Zoom background of Trump, is the “substantial disruption” warranting the charge Student still faces probation, community service, a decision-making workshop, and a fine for expressing his[Read More…]

by August 12, 2020