The FANG Collective: TD Bank — Stop Funding the Line 3 Pipeline: The Protest

WHAT: TD Bank is the largest investor of the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline that Enbridge is trying to build across Anishinaabe territory in so-called Minnesota. The pipeline is currently under construction but is facing indigenous led resistance from groups such as the Giniw Collective, who have been carrying out[Read More…]

by March 12, 2021

The Coalition Budget Central: McKee Statement / The Budget / Summary / Press Video

Governor Dan McKee today released the following statement on his proposed Fiscal Year 2022 budget: “Our Fiscal Year 2022 budget proposal addresses the pressing needs posed by the pandemic, none more important than vaccinating the state’s population as quickly and safely as possible. Our proposal lays the foundation for us[Read More…]

by March 11, 2021

The Rhode Island FY2022 Budget: The Unveiling!

A Complete Overview of The 2022 “McKee” Budget … More To Come!

by March 11, 2021


AARP Rhode Island is still waiting for a more transparent, age-prioritized state vaccination plan that includes an efficient and effective centralized registration and appointment system. Our first call for transparency was on January 8. Subsequently AARP, our members and thousands of other Rhode Islanders have sent letters and petitions to[Read More…]

by March 10, 2021

Education Activist Stephanie Meuse Explains It All To You – On The Coalition Radio Network!

Stephanie Meuse … Teacher … Activist testifies to the Actual performance of Rhode Island Schools during the Pandemic. We talk Pods … Social Distancing in the classroom … Curriculum … Substitute Teachers, and of course, RICAS. Listen/Watch to this breathtakingly, errr, different perspective … as well as a provocative response[Read More…]

by March 7, 2021

Massachusetts Peace Groups Rally To Send Message To President Biden About Yemen

    Massachusetts Peace Groups Rally to Send a message to President Biden about Yemen Yemen can’t wait: Keep your promise: Stop Supporting the Saudi attack on Yemen End all support for the “pariah” regime in Saudi Arabia When: Saturday, March 6 From Noon To 1PM Where: Fresh Pond Shopping[Read More…]

by March 5, 2021

Governor In Waiting McKee Begins To Stake Out Position On Second Amendment Legislation

In a cycle that began in early February, responding to a detailed (see links below) set of questions/request for analysis on his positions on a variety of pending gun legislation, “Governor In Waiting” Dan McKee has finally begun to “flesh out”, in specifics where he stands. Andrea Palagi, the Lt[Read More…]

by February 26, 2021

Flash! Major Political Betting Website Begins To Show Significant Tilt Away From Gina Nomination!

  In a dramatic move, the political betting website, PredictIt.org made a dramatic swing Away from the prospect of a successful Gina Raimondo nomination for Commerce Secretary, under newly elected President Joseph Biden. A 9Cent move was recorded by the market towards a 67 or less vote for approval According[Read More…]

by February 22, 2021

Pawtucket City Council Ward 4 Councilperson Alexis Schuette Joined The Coalition! #38Soccer

    Pawtucket City Council Ward 4 Councilperson Alexis Schuette Joined The Coalition! We Talked Pawtucket! The Challenges .. The Opportunities .. The Attitude .. And Of Course .. That Soccer Stadium! #38soccer The Coalition Talk Radio Outrage Porn Free, Civilly Disobedient Media! The Coalition Talk Radio! Tues-Friday @ 7PM[Read More…]

by February 21, 2021

Mass Peace Action! The Raytheon Anti War Campaign

Massachusetts Peace Action is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to develop the sustained political power to foster a more just and peaceful U.S. foreign policy.  www.MassPeaceAction.org     Paul Shannon & Louise Coleman of  Mass Peace Action, a member of the Raytheon Anti War Campaign Coalition joined the Coalition Talk[Read More…]

by February 20, 2021