The Coalition Radio Network is a somewhat “Frequent Flyer” at Pawtucket City Council Meetings. (We live quite the life here … ) So imagine our confusion, when all the hootin’ and hollering was done the other night, when we started to reflect on the 10 Million Dollars promised by Mayor Grebien, (And foundational to the deal) to help finance the deal … and just when, all the money was approved … and just where it was going to come from.

Remember, after borrowing from virtually every place imaginable .. Schools, Surplus Accounts … Greb’s couch, the City of Pawtucket is not exactly cash rich.

Coalition Reporter Pat Ford decided to reach out to 137 Roosevelt Avenue to find out when the 10 Million Dollar contribution was approved.

It wasn’t.

Not only that, in an email received from the Mayor’s office, it’s not clear Mayor Grebien feels it needs to be (See Email Above)

At least one member of city government, on background, isn’t even sure where it’s coming from.

Meanwhile, food insecurity, homelessness, skyrocketing rents continue to plague Pawtucket,

The Coalition Radio Network is in the process of reaching out to City Council Members for comment. We are also researching the City Charter for guidance?

A Reality Check. What City Mayor has the sole authority to spend 10 Million Dollars?

More to come.




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  1. Mary Ann Asermely says:

    It seems to me that the school buildings are being upgraded or built. What problem do you have with the schools. Are you from Pawtucket? Are you a proponent of Charter schools?

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