The Libertarian Party of Rhode Island, in concert with Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Elijah Gizzarelli, has filed a  formal challenge to the Rhode Island Secretary of State ballot access  determination denying Gizzareilli access to the November 2022 Rhode Island Ballot. The LP of RI/Gizzarelli joins a growing list of candidates, including “Freedom Fighter” Candidate Paul Rianna, Jr., to have filed individual challenges. Hearings for their complaints will purportedly be held this Monday afternoon. The Coalition Radio Network will report on these developments throughout the weekend.

Libertarian Gizzarelli missed the 1000 signature requirement by 54 signatures, Rianna by 42.

LPRI SOS Challenge

You’ve seen the images … heavily guarded ballot boxes, being delivered to government facilities … treated with the severity, diligence, and yes, the respect of a crime scene. In a very real sense, “the chain of evidence” is enforced, so as to maintain the integrity of the most sacred process the American body politic engages in, Voting, is enforced. Poets speak of the “Sanctity” of the Voting Booth, acknowledging the importance of the “peaceful exchange of power” that is a hallmark of American government.

You might then, be so bold as to assume that the process of elevating citizens to the ballot, to achieve formal candidate status, would be the object of similar respect.

It appears, that in the case of Rhode Island, you would be wrong.

Chaos reigns supreme. From all appearances, there exists a serious absence of internal controls over the entire process. Credible allegations include:

Municipal employees notifying individual candidates that a significant number of submitted signatures had been invalidated, giving them notice to provide additional signatures before the deadline.

A commingling of candidate nomination papers. One group reports receiving another candidates papers in the mix of paperwork received back from the Secretary of States office, in communications regarding failed submissions

Stacks of nomination forms, in clear public view, with little regard for privacy, at the Secretary of State’s office. Again, there appeared to be a complete absence of internal control.

Forms being delivered, ostensibly in private vehicles, from municipal offices to the Secretary of State.

Little or no documentation offered to the candidates as to the reason for the signature denial.

“Failed” candidates faced with a Friday afternoon deadline having not received denied submissions until the evening before, leaving little time to analyze deficiencies.

Prior to these allegations, the documented process was deemed by many non partisan commentators to be highly flawed. Independent candidates, operating without the voter registration lists afforded the two principal state parties, are given 9 days to collect 1000 “Good Signatures” (Including time to pick up mandated preprinted state nomination papers & the time necessary to deliver completed paperwork to all 39 cities and towns). Additionally, each independent candidacy requires an individual nomination form, unlike the two principal parties, who are allowed to collect all state wide candidacies on a single form, drastically shaving the sheer volume of time necessary.

How does a grass root organization join the hallowed list of approved state political parties? There are only two methods that do not require, literally, 10’s of thousands of yes, signature petitions: Achieve 5% of the popular vote in either the Governors, or Presidential Elections. In recent decades, this has only happened on a few occasions .. The Green Party, The Moderate Party, and yes, The Cool Moose Party. In two of the 3 examples, this was achieved by the singular candidacy of one Bob Healey, through sheer will. Ballot Access experts have deemed Rhode Island to be amongst the most obstructive states in the nation re: Third Party Ballot Access

Effectively, the Rhode Island Democratic Party, generationally the dominant force in the Rhode Island “Duopoly” has erected a state subsidized barrier to competition. And while many establishment leaders have “Virtue Signaled” excessively about Voters Rights these past few years, little has been done to allow those same voters any choice in who they can vote for.


The Coalition Radio Network Files Formal APRA (Access To Public Records Act) Request

Accordingly, The Coalition Radio Network has issued the following demands, in the form of an APRA, to the Rhode Island Secretary of States Office Elections Division Friday afternoon:

… requesting access to records, which are public documents. Specifically, I am requesting copies, front and back, of all State of Rhode Island Nomination Papers, for all State Wide, General Assembly, and Municipal Offices collected during July 2022 Nomination Period. Additionally, I am requesting the following

  • Names of Employees of the Rhode Island Secretary of State who transported, scanned, verified or otherwise had access to these “Nomination Papers”
  • Documentation of the internal control processes used to protect both the sanctity & integrity of these “Nomination Papers” while in the possession of The Office of The Secretary of State.
  • Names of Municipal/State Employees who engaged in the transportation of these “Nomination Papers” from the point of collection at Municipal Buildings to The Office of The Secretary of State.
  • Documentation of the internal control processes used to protect the sanctity & integrity of these “Nomination Papers” while in transit from their point of collection to the physical plant of the Office of the Secretary of State
  • Documentation of communications between employees of the Secretary of State, various municipalities & candidates as to the status/count/integrity/acceptance rate of said “Nomination Papers”
  • Regulations guiding said communication between employees of the Secretary of State, various municipalities & candidates as to the status/count/integrity/acceptance rate of said “Nomination Papers
Statement: William Hunt – Chairman, Libertarian Party of Rhode Island
Libertarians oppose any form of regulatory capture. Whenever incumbent business owners or (in this case) politicians gain power, they immediately seek to secure their market share by excluding upstart competition through arbitrary and burdensome regulations. Regulations are not laws. Regulations are rules made by unelected bureaucrats which can be made as streamlined or as burdensome as those bureaucrats decide – as long as they comply with the framework of relevant statutes.
The systemic failures made by the Rhode Island Secretary of State show this process to be nothing more than an overly complicated exercise designed to make the prospect of gaining third-party ballot access (a prerequisite for establishing a recognized political party in the state of Rhode Island) arbitrary and capricious.
With recent changes to Rhode Island’s voting requirements – including removing many of the same requirements still required to obtain signatures for nomination papers – one must question the net benefit of loosening the requirements to vote in a Rhode Island election, while simultaneously making it difficult for candidates to get on the ballot. Making it easy to vote for an arbitrarily restricted slate of candidates is merely an illusion of political choice, not an actual one.
Statement: Gubernatorial Candidate Paul Rianna – Rhode Island Freedom Fighters

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