Woonsocket City Councilor Brian J. Thompson, a prominent figure in the City of Woonsocket’s recovery from the scandal ridden Baldelli-Hunt Administration, has formally announced his candidacy for Rhode Island State District 20, currently held by retiring Senator Roger Picard.

While he is recognized statewide for his involvement in working to resolve recurring City property scandals, Thompson has addressed a wide range of issues from his seat on the City Council, ranging from ongoing budget concerns and city charter compliance to building community ties with social service activists working to resolve a persistent housing crisis.

The City of Woonsocket is on the cusp of a remarkable turnaround. The troika of City Council Chair Ward, Councilman Garrett Mancieri, and Councilman Thompson, working closely with Woonsocket City Clerk Christina Harmon, Tax Assessor John A. Pagliarini and Mayor Chris Beauchamp have worked successfully to come to grips with a myriad of previously undisclosed financial landmines, with a level of transparency that would have been unthinkable just 6 short months ago.

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From Senate District 20 Candidate Brian J. Thompson

Woonsocket City Councilor Brian J. Thompson officially declares his candidacy for the Rhode Island State Senate District 20. With nearly two decades of residency in Woonsocket, Thompson is deeply rooted in the community and is passionate about representing the interests of all constituents in the district, including those in Cumberland and throughout Rhode Island.

Thompson’s decision to run for State Senate was influenced by his close friend Senator Roger Picard, who recently announced his retirement from the Senate. Thompson conveyed his appreciation for Picard’s many years of service and expressed his commitment to upholding Picard’s legacy of prioritizing the needs of the community. “I am proud to announce my candidacy for State Senate District 20 and to continue the tradition of dedicated service set by Senator Picard,” stated Thompson. “I am eager to be a strong voice for our community and will work tirelessly to address the pressing issues facing Woonsocket and Cumberland.”

During his time on the Woonsocket City Council, Thompson has demonstrated a strong dedication to improving the quality of life for residents and a willingness to bring a strong voice to the important issues facing his constituents. He pledges to continue this commitment in his role as State Senator. Thompson’s platform includes advocating for policies that support working families, enhancing educational opportunities, and focusing on stimulating economic growth in the region.

Thompson emphasized the importance of inclusive decision making and community engagement, with a focus on listening to the concerns of constituents and collaborating to find effective solutions to the challenges facing Rhode Islanders.

“I am excited to embark on this endeavor as I continue my journey of public service and I humbly ask for the support of the good people of District 20 as we strive for a better tomorrow,” Thompson stated. “I believe that by working together, a brighter future can be built for the community and the state as a whole.”

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