Rhode Island To Send Uncommitted Delegate to the Democratic National Convention-Grassroots Volunteer Effort Yielded 3rd Best Result in America
From the Democratic Socialists of America-Rhode Island Affiliate:
The Rhode Island chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is celebrating the recent announcement of an uncommitted delegate. This victory reflects the fact that thousands of Rhode Islanders showed up at the polls to protest President Biden’s support for genocide in Gaza, and it demonstrates voters’ frustration with the terrible options forced upon them by the two-party system.
The entirely volunteer-run Vote Uncommitted R.I. campaign, of which Rhode Island DSA was a part, reached more than 12,000 voters in less than two weeks.
Statewide, 14.5% of Democratic primary voters cast a ballot for “uncommitted” — the third-highest “uncommitted” percentage in any state so far. The number of uncommitted voters passed the 15% threshold in the 2nd congressional district, awarding one delegate to the movement.
Vote Uncommitted Coalition – Danya Reda

An uncommitted delegate could draw attention to the Democratic Party’s pro-war policies at the Democratic National Convention. Unfortunately, most Democratic voters will have no say in choosing the delegate. Party officials will select one of the nominees at the state committee’s convention on June 9th. Rhode Island DSA hopes they will allow a true supporter of the Vote Uncommitted movement to serve as delegate, but this outcome is far from guaranteed. The undemocratic governance of the Democratic Party underscores the need for a new party where working people have a real voice.

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