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FOWL PLAY: University of Pennsylvania Denies Hunting Club Official Recognition

During the COVID-19 pandemic, over 750 registered student groups at the University of Pennsylvania have been able to host virtual events. But Penn students interested in hunting, archery, and shooting are being denied permission for even virtual activities. Today, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education called on Penn to stop engaging[Read More…]

by March 17, 2021

RAMP Real Access Motivates Progress Host: Tina Pedersen Guests: Ben Huntzinger-Spartan Wheel Chariots

  Ben Huntzinger CEO & Founder of Spartan Wheel Chariot, manufacturers of outdoor all terrain wheelchairs joined RAMP Host Tina G. Pedersen in a wide ranging conversation! Find Out More @ Join RAMP, Real Access Motivates Progress! & Host Tina G. Pedersen on The Coalition Radio Network, at[Read More…]

by November 5, 2020

Carlos Sousa-Federated Rhode Island Sportsmen’s Club-Joined The Coalition Talk Radio

Carlos Sousa-The Federated Rhode Island Sportsmen’s Clubs Joined The Coalition Talk Radio! We Talk Training Safety Training … Plus? Safety & Training! (Maybe just a little 2A Talk as well!) Plus! Friday, August 21 @ 11 AM Federated Free Basic Firearm Safety & Shooting Classes At Clubs Around Rhode Island[Read More…]

by May 7, 2020