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RIDOT Honcho Alviti Uses Rhode Island Capitol TV To Promote Private Industry: Conflict of Interest?

For years, wagging tongues have referred to Rhode Island’s Capitol TV as the tiny states very own Pravda, the infamous Russian News Agency that offered distorted, self indulgent views of Brezhnev era appartchiks as noble warriors on the front lines of building Soviet Worker’s Paradise. In it’s own Monty Python-esque[Read More…]

by March 2, 2021

In Conversation With Tom Sgouros: Rhode Island Transportation Bond Issue #4

  A 71,700,000 Bond Issue. For In recent Rhode Island History, this type of referendum would seem to be a political slam dunk. Instant, easy passage, right? But it would appear to be anything but. In a lengthy, heart felt analysis, Policy Wonk (high praise if you “Get” The Coalition)[Read More…]

by February 15, 2021