The relentless grind of the Grebien Administration continues unabated, along with their unfettered determination to sell Ward 5’s Morley Field … The neighborhood’s only green space … the neighborhood’s only park currently suitable for youth athletic play … out from under the residents of Pawtucket.

This week?

Young Dylan Zelazo, City of Pawtucket Director of Administration formally requested the inclusion of a “discussion” of the Morley Field sale, this week, in the City Council’s Property Committee Agenda,  a necessary first step towards presenting the entirety of the City Council with an “already completed” Purchase & Sale. (how thoughtful?) Printed below, the P&S has been edited to include the parcel available for sale, hence dividing the property permanently.

Meanwhile, no “in district” substitute has been proposed. And while other properties around the city are upgraded,  tennis courts and all, Ward 5 remains without any facility for the youth of Pawtucket at all.

The Coalition’s Pat Ford caught up with Pawtucket City Council Member Clovis Gregor to discuss the latest developments.

After our conversation (See Below), Councilman Gregor followed up with additional ammunition-The direction of the City of Pawtucket Comprehensive Plan, a document with legal weight in the determination of the actions of the City of Pawtucket.

“please see the  City of Pawtucket Comprehensive Plan, adopted 03/22/2017, which is still in effect. As you will see, the priority of, preserving open space, specifically along the Moshassuck River, was completely ignored and abandoned in favor of private interest’s need to turn District 5’s One & Only greenspace into a parking lot. It states that: “Action LU 5 Consider the rezoning of unusable vacant industrial land to open space, specifically along the Moshassuck.” Hence, the City should have acquired vacant commercial lots around the Moshassuck River and turned it into open public green space instead of taking green (space) and selling it to be turned into a toxic dump site and cover it as a parking lot.”


Letter From Dylan Zelazo, Pawtucket Director of Administration To The Pawtucket City Council
Dylan Letter to Property Board


Morley Field: Original Council Resolution & Updated Purchase & Sale

Morley Field Council Resolution Purchase & Sale


Pawtucket Comprehensive  Plan

Pawtucket Comprehensive Plan


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