What a difference a couple o’ days make!

Just a few short days ago , (2/9/20) responding to a detail laden inquiry to GIW (Governor In Waiting) Dan McKee, asking for his stance on long rumored legislation re: The Second Amendment, McKee’s Communications Director Andrea R Palagi issued the following response:

“In response to your question on various legislation: The Incoming Governor and his team will review and address such legislation when he takes office. Right now, the Incoming Governor is focused on the COVID-19 response, vaccine rollout and ensuring a smooth transition.

Thank you.”


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Yet,  just a handful of days later, in a social media missive that documented an ambitious rollback on freedoms enumerated and inferred in both the Federal & Rhode Island Constitutions, Representative Justine Caldwell alluded to, and tagged Lt Governor McKee as a Supporter.



The questions: Where does GIW McKee really stand on now pending Second Amendment legislation? Was there a change in heart in the roughly 48 or so hours between Ms. Palagi’s response to The Coalition and Rep Caldwell’s announcement. Is GIW McKee aware that he has been cited as a Supporter of an ambitious legislative agenda to cripple  The Right To Bear Arms?

As importantly, Who Is Left To Defend Rhode Islanders Second Amendment Rights?

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