In a cycle that began in early February, responding to a detailed (see links below) set of questions/request for analysis on his positions on a variety of pending gun legislation, “Governor In Waiting” Dan McKee has finally begun to “flesh out”, in specifics where he stands.

Andrea Palagi, the Lt Governors Director of Communications issued the formal response:

“The Lt. Governor has long been on the record in support of banning the sale of military-style weapons, limiting the number of rounds a magazine can hold and preventing civilians from carrying a concealed weapon on school grounds. These are not new policy stances.”

While illuminating, this response still does not reflect a detailed position on each bill filed with the General Assembly. The Coalition will continue to press for additional information.


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  1. We who support the bill of rights… Must protest ANY and ALL further restrictions to those rights.
    Politicians using feelings and opinion have NO place or standing to be destroying our freedoms.

    STAND UP and don’t comply with any more leftist BS!!

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