Solicitor To City Delaying Morley Meeting


In a not so stunning move, the Pawtucket City Council voted at last night’s meeting (9/7/22) to hold a special Town Council Meeting, for consideration & discussion of the sale of Morley Field. A
“Special Meeting” has been proposed for September 19. City Attorney Frank Milos had written the letter above requesting a delay, based on the ability of City Counsel to form a response to City Councilman Clovis Gregor’s Assertion that the proposed sale was, in fact, illegal. Additionally, absolutely no consideration was given to the looming fiscal crisis generated by Mayor Don Grebien’s $10 Million Dollar Commitment to the Stadium construction at Tidewater Landing.

Political observers largely attribute these delays to Tuesday’s upcoming Election, as both issues are controversial in nature, and largely portray the Grebien Administration in a dubious light.


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