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Jessie Sage: Tips For Taking Great Selfies!

Photo: Clint Patterson Last week, I wrote about issues sex workers face using dating apps in our personal dating lives. In the process, I realized that it has been a year or two since I’ve actually been on a dating app myself, so I re-activated my Feeld, OkCupid, and Tinder[Read More…]

by December 11, 2020

Jessie Sage: Sex Workers Open Up About Why It’s Hard To Date Online

I met my current husband on OkCupid. I was just getting out of a very long marriage and was convinced that the last thing I wanted to do was get into another serious relationship. I was in the middle of a divorce and very pre-occupied with transitioning my kids to[Read More…]

by December 5, 2020

Jessie Sage: Sex Workers Are Not Your Girlfriend

Photo: Mika Korhonen  “Sex work is work,” is a common refrain of sex workers, and for good reason. Many folks, myself included, make their full-time living through sex work, and a good many more turn to sex work when more conventional forms of employment are undesirable, inaccessible, or unavailable. In[Read More…]

by November 23, 2020

Jessie Sage: The Romantic Lives of Sex Workers & Their Partners-Part 2

Photo – Dainis Graveris Last week in my Peepshow Column, I spoke with Sonora Grace, a New Orleans-based sex worker, about her experience entering into a new romantic relationship as a sex worker. I also talked about my own experience as a married sex worker. READ:  The Romantic Lives of[Read More…]

by November 15, 2020

Jessie Sage: The Romantic Lives of Sex Workers and their Partners: Part 1 

  Photo By Ian Dooley I’ve never been a single sex worker. I became a sex worker with my now husband—first, camming as a couple and, later, venturing out into solo work.  My regulars are aware that I’m married—something I am quite open about—and they are often friendly with my[Read More…]

by November 7, 2020

Jessie Sage: Zoom and …. Chill?

  Photo: Princess Berpl I put on my makeup, make my bed, and set up my lighting, then I turn my camera on and wait for people to enter my cam room. As they roll in, there is the light, casual banter of the beginnings of a cam show. Someone[Read More…]

by November 5, 2020

Jessie Sage: An Ode To Anal

An Ode to Anal – Jessie Sage Collage By Courtney Trouble   The night was already magical. After dancing in the wooden barn lit by strings of white lights, we slipped down to the water with some of our friends, stripped our clothes off, and swam naked into the vast[Read More…]

by November 3, 2020

Jessie Page: The Fetishization Of The Natural

  Recently I got roped into watching the Netflix reality show, The Circle. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a game show meant to determine which contestant will win the social media popularity contest. All contestants live in their own units within the same apartment complex, yet they can only[Read More…]

by October 17, 2020

Miscarriage … Loss

  “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou TW: miscarriage    Prior to my current career, I worked for several years as a doula, staying awake for 20-30 hours at a time while I walked laboring mothers and their partners (and sometimes entire[Read More…]

by October 14, 2020

What Can Phone Sex Operators Tell Us About Men & Masculinity?

What can phone sex operators tell us about men & masculinity? When you think of phone sex, what comes to mind? I am assuming that for most of you this conjures up imagines of the cheesy, soft–focus 1-900 ads from the 90’s. Kenny G playing in the background, a scantily[Read More…]

by September 23, 2020