From The City of Cranston:

Cranston Mayor Kenneth J. Hopkins today expressed excitement and support for the pending formal announcement of Costco coming to Cranston.

“After many months of speculation, discussions, and development meetings, I am pleased that the formal steps will be rolled out that will soon lead to the establishment of a Costco Wholesale facility in Cranston,” said Mayor Hopkins.

The mayor said that the permitting process will soon get underway that will bring Costco to Cranston to the site of the former medium security prison in the Howard Industrial Park. The 16.8-acre property at 20 Goddard Drive was acquired from the State of Rhode Island in 2021 by 20 Goddard LLC, a related entity to well-known Rhode Island developer Churchill & Banks of Providence.

Mayor Hopkins said that he will join in sponsoring legislation that will rezone the M-2 industrial parcel for the customary Costco uses that are found at their facilities including the wholesale club and gasoline fueling pumps.

“I look forward to Costco bringing forward their development plan for public hearings before the Planning Commission as a major land development project and to the City Council for the rezoning of the parcel.” He said, “I know Costco officials want to share how they will demonstrate to the community they can be a good neighbor and satisfactorily address all traffic and environmental concerns”. Hopkins said a public review and consideration of their plans is important.

“I have worked hard to encourage Costco to find a suitable location in Cranston. I did not want to lose this premier wholesale club to another community and wanted to bring the jobs and tax revenue to our city,” said Hopkins.

“This is a major economic development announcement for Cranston and our residents.” He said Cranston is enhancing its well-deserved reputation as a state and regional destination for shopping and dining and visiting to enjoy the special quality of life. “With the opening of Top Golf in the Fall, Garden City Shopping Center, Chapel View and all our local economic corridors like Knightsville, Rolfe Square and Pawtuxet Village, Cranston is the place to be,” Hopkins said.



Mayor Hopkins said in October of 2022 the developer had received city approvals to build a 210,000 square foot industrial warehouse on the former prison site. “Those plans will be held in abeyance while Costco goes through the permitting and regulatory steps to open in Cranston.”

He concluded by emphasizing, “This is a major economic development announcement for Cranston taxpayers and the expansion of the commercial tax base. I look forward to the Costco groundbreaking.”

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