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In order to get this information to our community, we have presented this raw data “dump”. Allow time for larger files to load. Patience is a virtue!

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The information below was largely provided in PDF format. Most are more than one page. In the upper left-hand corner of each document, there are two “curved” arrows. Use those to scroll through the documents!

Pat Ford


Emails in date order


20231102 Veronicka Vega Produced Emails



20230922 City Check for $1.13 Million to Fund Transaction



20230808 Request for Release of Funds & Certification - 0 Mendon Rd. (executed)



20230920 Home Program Written Agreement (fully executed) (1)



20230209 Signed Phase I questionaire lots 53-1 and 53-32



Fully Executed P&S signature page



20230209 Signed agreement to proceed Phase I Lots 53-1 and 53-32



Project cost estimate Mendon Rd.


20230527 Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact & Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds - 0 Mendon Rd. Acquisition



Signed Seller P&S







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