In an email to Planning Director Michael Debroisse, framed as a response to an email chain discussing the controversial Councilperson Gonzalez Money Grab/Warming Center, Woonsocket Councilman Brian Thompson did not mince words. Focusing on the process issues that led to the Mendon Road Debacle, and ultimately, the political demise of now Former Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, Councilman Thompson assessment was blunt.
The Coalition will continue to provide coverage throughout the weekend.
The Email: Councilman Brian Thompson’s Response
Subject: Re: Winter Emergency Shelter Information
Director Debroisse,
I cannot believe that this is even being discussed after all that has happened in the past 10 weeks. There are issues with this grant, and it is concerning that you are now considering using the funds without City Council approval. While I appreciate that the state has given their permission, it is important to remember that the state does not dictate what is required per our city charter.
In light of this, I strongly suggest that none of these funds be spent for either CCA or Vida Church until it comes before the City Council for debate and consent. It is crucial that we follow the proper procedures and ensure transparency in the use of public funds. By bypassing the City Council, you risk repeating history and not learning from past mistakes.
I understand that there may be urgency due to the forecasted snowstorm this weekend, but it is essential that we prioritize the integrity of our processes. Rushing decisions without proper oversight can lead to unintended consequences and erode public trust. It is our duty to uphold the principles of good governance and ensure that every decision is made in the best interest of our community.
I urge you to reconsider the approach of using the funds immediately and instead focus on expediting the process of submitting the needed legislation to the City Council. By doing so, we can ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to review and discuss the allocation of these funds. This will not only demonstrate our commitment to transparency but also allow for a more informed and inclusive decision-making process.
If there are any concerns or questions regarding this matter, I am more than willing to discuss them further. It is crucial that we address these issues promptly and find a solution that upholds the principles of accountability and good governance.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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