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Brewed Awakenings Restauranteur Levesque Delivers Innovative Jobs Rescue Plan

An exigent crisis is facing the American Workplace. Unemployment benefits, coupled with Federal relief funds, are in many places outpacing the traditional wage structure that was the engine for business function. The result? The marked inability for businesses to fully staff their storefronts … choosing between crippling price increases or[Read More…]

by April 2, 2021

Who’s Telling The Truth? Why Does Cumberland School Superintendent Mitchell Insist On Mandatory RICAS Participation?

  Standardized testing, by its very nature, is controversial. Typical allegations include, but are not limited to: Institutional Racism … Wasted Efforts “Teaching To The Test” … Lost Classroom Time (a charge exacerbated during the pandemic) … The Actual Validity Of The Data. So why, in the face of all[Read More…]

by March 30, 2021

Introducing The Rhode Island Yes We Cannabis Coalition!

From Our partners in the Yes We Cannabis – RI coalition believe Rhode Island must address the harmful legacy of cannabis prohibition and its racially-biased enforcement. Specifically, we urge state lawmakers to pass legislation that: Automatically expunges past cannabis convictions; Encourages people from disproportionately impacted communities to own and[Read More…]

by March 22, 2021

The Coalition Budget Central: McKee Statement / The Budget / Summary / Press Video

Governor Dan McKee today released the following statement on his proposed Fiscal Year 2022 budget: “Our Fiscal Year 2022 budget proposal addresses the pressing needs posed by the pandemic, none more important than vaccinating the state’s population as quickly and safely as possible. Our proposal lays the foundation for us[Read More…]

by March 11, 2021


AARP Rhode Island is still waiting for a more transparent, age-prioritized state vaccination plan that includes an efficient and effective centralized registration and appointment system. Our first call for transparency was on January 8. Subsequently AARP, our members and thousands of other Rhode Islanders have sent letters and petitions to[Read More…]

by March 10, 2021


  Formerly incarcerated people, families of incarcerated people, and accomplices are rallying in cars circling the ACI facilities on Sunday, 2/28, 3 PM in solidarity with the family of Jose Franco.  (Meeting Point: Rhode Island RMV 600 New London Avenue Cranston RI) Jose died in RIDOC custody on 2/9. His[Read More…]

by February 27, 2021

Governor In Waiting McKee Begins To Stake Out Position On Second Amendment Legislation

In a cycle that began in early February, responding to a detailed (see links below) set of questions/request for analysis on his positions on a variety of pending gun legislation, “Governor In Waiting” Dan McKee has finally begun to “flesh out”, in specifics where he stands. Andrea Palagi, the Lt[Read More…]

by February 26, 2021

Just Days After Statement, Where Does Governor In Waiting McKee Really Stand On The Second Amendment?

What a difference a couple o’ days make! Just a few short days ago , (2/9/20) responding to a detail laden inquiry to GIW (Governor In Waiting) Dan McKee, asking for his stance on long rumored legislation re: The Second Amendment, McKee’s Communications Director Andrea R Palagi issued the following[Read More…]

by February 13, 2021

Rhode Island Government Offers Big Bucks Corporate Welfare To Out Of State Investors While Stiffing Rhody Businesses

Brewed Awakenings, a Rhode Island based chain of Coffee Cafe’s, has, like many Rhode Island restaurants, seen their business ruthlessly challenged by the 1 2 punch of a Pandemic, followed by a seemingly endless, oft changing list of rules, infrastructure investments. and state imposed limitations on their ability to conduct[Read More…]

by February 11, 2021

“Governor In Waiting” McKee Defers Comment On Impending Second Amendment Legislation

In the wake of last Thursday’s Press Conference, with “Governor In Waiting” Dan McKee taking the dais for the first time, Coalition Reporter Pat Ford … focusing on the sudden announcement re: #38Soccer re: Tidewater Landing … messaged the following statement/questions .. Let’s talk about small business in Rhode Island:[Read More…]

by February 9, 2021