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From The Docket: Pawtucket City Council To Vote On Dramatic Salary Increases For Mayor, City Council President, & City Council Memberships

  Flash! On the docket for the January 10, 2024 City Council Meeting? A proposed salary increase for Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien, from $80,000 to $150,000. The City Council President would see his salary increase to $15,000 from $8,000, and “regular” City Council Members from $13,000 from $7,000. What. Say.[Read More…]

by January 5, 2024

Minority Leader Chippendale Reacts To CommerceRI Vote On Tidewater Landing #38Stadium

  The fact that the governor had to sit in at the Commerce Corp meeting to break the tie is in and of itself concerning. The project is already reaching $50 million in cost overruns – which I can all but guarantee will continue to rise and require Legislative approval[Read More…]

by July 26, 2022

Rhode Island Government Offers Big Bucks Corporate Welfare To Out Of State Investors While Stiffing Rhody Businesses

Brewed Awakenings, a Rhode Island based chain of Coffee Cafe’s, has, like many Rhode Island restaurants, seen their business ruthlessly challenged by the 1 2 punch of a Pandemic, followed by a seemingly endless, oft changing list of rules, infrastructure investments. and state imposed limitations on their ability to conduct[Read More…]

by February 11, 2021

The Text: Gina Raimondo’s State Of The State Speech

Speaker Shekarchi, Senate President Ruggerio, my fellow Rhode Islanders: We come together tonight, united by the love we share for our great state and our belief that our best days are ahead. Each year, we gather in this chamber with the General Assembly, General Officers, judges, cabinet members, local leaders,[Read More…]

by February 4, 2021