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Boardroom Videos & Termination Letter: The Sad Final Day of RIPTA CEO Scott Avedisian’s Tenure

  Board Members of the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority met today to formally accept the resignation of RIPTA CEO, former Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian. Citing contractural issues, the Board agreed to honor a 90 day severance clause. Me. Avedisian had not participated in the RIPTA health plan, and was[Read More…]

by April 17, 2024

Dan McKee’s RI2030 – The Road Show Arrives At Westerly’s “The United”

Rhode Island’s Political Glitterati were on full display Tuesday evening as Governor McKee continued his RI2030 Tour, arriving at Westerly’s Brandy New Arts Center, The United.  George H.W. Bush himself would have been proud (Warning: Boomer Reference) as “The Vision Thing” was the order of the day. Commerce .. DEM[Read More…]

by November 11, 2021

RIDOT Honcho Alviti Uses Rhode Island Capitol TV To Promote Private Industry: Conflict of Interest?

For years, wagging tongues have referred to Rhode Island’s Capitol TV as the tiny states very own Pravda, the infamous Russian News Agency that offered distorted, self indulgent views of Brezhnev era appartchiks as noble warriors on the front lines of building Soviet Worker’s Paradise. In it’s own Monty Python-esque[Read More…]

by March 2, 2021