Incredibly, City of Pawtucket School Committee is in receipt of a request & proposal for the renovation, yes, the renovation of crumbling McCoy Stadium, just weeks after the City of Pawtucket City Council had formally ceded “Site Control” to the School Committee for the express construction of a new “Unified High School.

Is this a political football tossed back to the School Committee for the express purpose of casting the School Committee as the “bad guys” … the agency of government who took away the beloved McCoy Stadium?

The picture above, perhaps unintentionally, is of the final proposal, which appears to be dated August 17, 2023. Months before the final site control determination was made.

The design firm for the new High School has repeatedly pointed out the mutually exclusive nature of a working Major League Baseball Minor League Affiliate operating with the confines of a High School. Additionally, there appears to be no available land in the City of Pawtucket to build the school, to replace the (literally) crumbling Shea & Tolman High Schools.

Much, much more to come ….

Offer - Stadium Ltr

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