Ridership data shows it is the appropriate time

to wind down the temporary service

From The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT):

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) today announced that Friday, January 19 will be the last day of service for the temporary Bristol to Providence ferry. Ridership data indicates it is the appropriate time to wind down the service, and RIDOT today exercised its two-week advance notice agreement with the three companies providing ferry service.

“We implemented the ferries as part of a multi-modal solution to the Washington Bridge event. At the time of the closure, we needed to swiftly pursue all solutions to alleviate traffic and we did just that. Now that the bypass lanes are open and conditions have improved, it is appropriate to phase out the ferry service” RIDOT Director Peter Alviti, Jr. said. “It is clear from the data that only a very small percentage of commuters utilized this service and people are overwhelmingly choosing to utilize the bypass lanes.. A service that is costing about $50,000 per day and attracting only 300 to 400 passengers per day is not economically sustainable .”

Since its inception on December 21, the ferries have carried 3,285 passengers over 12 operating days (as of the end of the day on January 3, with no service on Christmas or New Year’s Day).

RIDOT had contracted with SeaStreak, Rhode Island Fast Ferry and the Block Island Ferry to offer free ferry service to travelers as an option for people affected by the closure of the westbound side of the Washington Bridge.

The ferry will continue to operate through January 19 on the same schedule, seven days a week at half hour intervals from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Schedule information is available www.bristolprovidenceferry.com.


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