The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) is announcing today that all employees, interns, and volunteers in RIDOH-licensed healthcare facilities and all RIDOH-licensed healthcare providers must receive their final dose of COVID-19 vaccine by October 1, 2021, effective August 18th.

“The most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including the Delta variant, is vaccination,” said Director of Health Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, MPH. “For the safety of our healthcare workers, patients, and for our healthcare system overall, today’s announcement is a very important step.”

The regulation applies to staff at RIDOH-licensed health care facilities, including those with direct patient contact and those who may not be involved in patient care. It also applies to individually licensed providers who utilize their license as part of their position in a healthcare facility. Prior to October 1st, any worker in a RIDOH-licensed healthcare facility who is not vaccinated is required to wear a face mask and be tested at least twice weekly.

RIDOH-licensed facilities

Workers in RIDOH-licensed facilities must be vaccinated before October 1st. Workers in RIDOH-licensed facilities who are not vaccinated by October 1st will not be allowed to enter a healthcare facility unless they provide proof of a medical exemption. Employees in violation of this regulation may face financial penalties and/or suspension/revocation of the facility’s license, in addition to disciplinary action by the affected employer against individual employees who do not comply.

RIDOH-licensed healthcare providers

All RIDOH-licensed healthcare providers who work in a healthcare setting must be vaccinated as of October 1st. Those who are not vaccinated by October 1st may be subject to financial penalties and/or suspension/revocation of their license (unless they provide proof of a medical exemption).

The COVID-19 healthcare worker vaccination regulations and additional resources are available online:

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  1. Will they receive a disciplinary action by the DOH?cheryl Tait says:

    If all healthcare workers in a nursing facility or hospital need to be vaccinated, then what about the visitors to the nursing homes or hospitals?
    And what is the DOH going to do to those who still oppose getting a vaccine? Will they receive a disciplinary action by the DOH?

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