The Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus has elected the Rev. Dr. Donnie Anderson as their new Chair, and officers: Cynthia Mendes, Vice Chair, Stephanie Beauté, Secretary and Pearl Holloway, Treasurer.  Elected Executive Committee members are: Jeanine Calkin, Linda Ujifusa, Jen Douglas, Clara Read, Adamaris Villar, Lauren Neidel, Diane Hill, and Allison Bryant.

“My goal is to see the Caucus grow and provide a network of support for women candidates and public officials,” said Anderson.

Adds Cynthia Mendes, former State Senator, “I’m eager to increase the Caucus’ ability to recruit and empower a diverse and bold group of democratic women in every zip code of our beloved state!”.

Dr. Anderson, a transgender woman, is the former Executive Minister of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches.  She is active in social justice issues of race, poverty and gender and ran for State Senate in a recent primary. Dr. Anderson is also the Co-Chair of the Rhode Island Commission on Prejudice and Bias, and former Co-Chair of the State Advisory Committee for the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

Dr. Anderson currently serves as Pastor at Pilgrim United Church of Christ (UCC) in New Bedford, MA, and lives in Providence.  She has 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

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  1. Eric Hirsch says:

    A great group of leaders! Congratulations all!

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