From The Rhode Island Republican Party:


Rhode Island’s Democratic gubernatorial primary was one for the record books. Last night, approximately 110,000 votes were cast in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. This was the lowest total for a hotly contested Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial primary since 1994. This occurred despite recent legislation eliminating mail ballot safeguards and allowing for early voting for approximately three weeks before the election. In addition, Governor Dan McKee only won with 33 percent of the vote, which is the lowest winning percentage of any gubernatorial primary in Rhode Island history. Lastly, McKee’s dismissive public refusal to accept a call from Helena Foulkes to concede the race will enter Rhode Island political folklore.

In response to last night’s results in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, Rhode Island Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Cienki released the following statement:

“McKee may have won last night but it was a mediocre performance by our mediocre governor. Turnout was low for such a hotly contested Democratic primary, which shows that Independents and Democrats did not want to come out and vote to keep McKee. This is not surprising since the scandalous McKee’s administration is under FBI investigation.

The fact that two-thirds of all Democratic primary voters did not want him is also telling. In fact, the only reason he was able to sneak by with 33 percent of the vote was because he doled out taxpayer money to buy union votes through bonuses and multi-million-dollar boondoggles like PawSoccer.  What was most revealing last night was not the results, but McKee’s behavior to Foulkes, a businesswoman who nearly defeated him. McKee could have handled the situation in different ways. But, to dismissively waive off Foulkes and order his staff to “hang up” on her shows the kind of person McKee really is. He is not some likeable guy, who lives with his mother. He is just a thin-skinned state house politician, who is upset with anyone who questions him. Mediocre McKee may think he will be our governor for four more years but there are two things that stand in his way: Ashley Kalus and the FBI.”

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