“One thing is certain, no two business experiences have been the same in 2020. During these personalized meetings we’ll build your perfect Customer 360, tailored to you, and your business. We’ll show you how to connect all your departments and provide a single source of truth, so all your employees can deliver the best customer experiences from anywhere. Please contact your Salesforce Account team.”

On a day when Rhode Islanders are in mourning … their businesses … their way of life … and tragically, the loss of a friend or loved one, Rhode Islanders can take comfort that Governor Gina Raimondo will be keynoting an exclusive, by invitation only, Corporate Sales Conference. Salesforce, a multinational force in the burgeoning CRM Space will be hosting Dreamforce To You 2020. Read On …

“Join Marc Benioff and special guests as they share stories of learnings and success in a challenging year. Together, we’ll celebrate leading companies that have excelled in our new, work-from-anywhere world, and showcase digital innovations, including Salesforce Customer 360, that will help us all be successful today.”

Marc Benioff, a Democratic “Super Donor” who has contributed to Democratic Campaigns ranging from Hillary Clinton, to Kamala Harris … as well as Charles Schumer & Dianne Feinstein is CEO of Salesforce

And yes, guess who is a significant corporate sponsor … Play Along Folks … Bueller? Bueller?

None Other Than Deloitte Digital. Sound familiar? Yes, You are correct. Deloitte Digital operates under the same corporate umbrella that brought you … Are You Ready? UHIP!!  Remember back to those innocent pre Covid days, where the spectacle of thousands of Rhode Islanders standing in the freezing rain for their assistance money generated well deserved outrage?

As Reported By Susan Campbell of WPRI Channel 12 news:

“We fully realize that our public sector work impacts the lives of individuals and families, often when they are most vulnerable,” said Deborah Sills, of Deloitte Consulting’s public sector practice. “We are very sorry for the impact that our system issues have had on your constituents, on state workers, and on service providers.”

But time, as they say, heals all political wounds. Incredibly, this is not her first sponsored gig by Deloitte. In 2017, as reported by GoLocalProv, Governor Raimondo attended the “Girls Who Code” Panel at the 2017 Female Governors Summit .

This is different. Rhode Islanders are dying. The Governor has reintroduced draconian rules aimed at stemming the Virus, crushing the small business community. By expert accounts, 1 in 4 Rhode Islanders suffer from “Food Insecurity” a 21rst Century euphemism for malnutrition. A Field Hospital was opened today to absorb patients in recovery from COVID, to attempt to free up critical care facilities for patients requiring ICU level medical support.

Governor Raimondo: It is time to set the political aside. Promoting the narrow interest of potential corporate donors? A quick paycheck? Sponsored by a Corporate Player who profited mightily at the expense of Rhode Island’s disenfranchised? Enough.

The Coalition has reached out to Governor Raimondo’s Office to determine/understand the form of compensation, as well as an understanding of the relationship between Salesforce, Deloitte, & Governor Raimondo. We await their response.




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