The Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus is pleased to announce the election of a new Chair of the caucus, Jackie Anderson. With the upcoming 2024 election, Jackie is committed to the Caucus’s mission to recruit and support Democratic women candidates in all levels of government. “We need all of RI women’s voices to be represented. Whether it is at the state level, local level, or commissions, we want to encourage and support more women to become involved,” said Anderson. Jackie added, “There’s a wide variety of opportunities that don’t include running for office. You can learn how to lead a field organization or be a campaign manager. Whatever your capacity, your help will make a difference! Campaign volunteering is one of the best ways to support our women who are running. “

As a former candidate for State Representative, Jackie knows first-hand the challenges of running a campaign and the importance of voicing women’s issues. Training women in various campaign roles will not only help women to be elected but will help women to be stronger advocates.  Cynthia Mendes, Executive Committee Vice-Chair, recruited Jackie to run for office in 2022. “I saw a strength in Jackie to challenge powerful men on behalf of women and our agenda. Jackie is a healthcare professional, reproductive rights activist, and a magnetic, fun person. I’m committed to helping Jackie grow the Caucus, build power for women in Rhode Island, and continue the legacy of being a force against patriarchal powers.”

Jackie is also committed to the continual growth of our diverse membership for all voices to be represented.  Another area the Caucus will be focusing on is organizing members to get more involved in the general political process such as testifying at the state house and voter registration. We will continue growing our partnerships with other organizations to support candidates and issues important to women. Jackie is a lifelong Rhode Islander, nurse, and working mom. She lives in Warwick with her two children and husband. Jackie’s focus in healthcare has been women’s and reproductive health. Specializing in labor & delivery and OBGYN care, she has seen first-hand the challenges of accessible healthcare for women. Jackie is looking forward to continuing this advocacy to grow and mobilize Democratic women, and amplify women’s voices in all levels of government.

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