From The Office of Rhode Island Congressman Seth Magaziner:

Representative Seth Magaziner (RI-02) spoke on the House Floor to condemn Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville for his unprecedented action to block senior military promotions, undermining our military service members and national security.

“Since February, the Alabama Senator has blocked more than 300 qualified officers in the military from receiving the promotions that they have earned, and from assuming the posts that our country needs them in.

“No one is happier with the Senator from Alabama’s antics than Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and our nation’s other adversaries. By undermining our military, he is doing their dirty work for them.

“I disagree with the Senator on abortion, as do most Americans, but one thing we all ought to agree on is that whatever our differences may be, using military service members as political props is just plain wrong.

“Military personnel, from the most junior rank to the highest, dedicate their lives to protecting our nation and upholding the ideals we hold dear.

“It is our duty to support them, and they deserve better than the Senator from Alabama’s shameful antics.”

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