From The Gerry Leonard Campaign:

Today, retired U.S. Marine veteran and candidate for Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District Gerry Leonard called upon members from both parties in the House to avoid a potential government shutdown and end the dysfunction that’s become business as usual in Washington.

“This is simply not what our lawmakers were elected to do,” said Leonard. “Congress needs to buckle down and get to work. We need to fund our military, full stop. It’s past time that we put principles over politics. No more shutdowns. End this fiasco. Members on both sides of the aisle are too comfortable with the discord and dysfunction that runs rampant in D.C. Do your jobs and start rebuilding our failing economy.”

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  1. Mr. Aquidneck says:

    So, Gerry Leonard is suggesting he deserves our vote because he will be different than Mike Johnson who is now the Republicans new Speaker in the House. All Republican Congressional members voted for Mr. Johnson, who is an unabashed Trump supporter and 100% election denier. What else would Mr. Leonard be supporting you ask. How about a total ban on a woman’s right to choose, no exceptions. Anything else? How about No assault weapons ban and climate change is a hoax.
    Mr Leonard, I thank you for your service to this great country! All veterans deserve our respect and admiration. However, you are naive to think voters will vote you instead of a moderate Democrat who favors democracy, feels sensible gun control is needed especially in light of the Maine mass shooting where the compromised murderer used an AR-15 to shoot up a youth bowling league alley, and in science. I read your platform, focused on state issues and avoiding controversy like TFG.
    Republicans are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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