With the release of a WPRI Channel 12/Roger Williams University Poll indicating a virtual tie among “Decided” Democratic Primary Voters … just a two point differential between Governor McKee & Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea … reactions from across the political spectrum have begun to roll in.



Nellie Gorbea for Governor Campaign Manager Dana Walton issued the following statement in response to the WPRI 12 News and Roger Williams University political poll.

“This poll shows that this race is a dead heat. Nellie Gorbea is well-positioned to win the Democratic nomination for governor because Democrats know she’s been an effective Secretary of State and they like her. Despite being governor for more than a year, Dan McKee is unpopular and in a far weaker position than a sitting governor should be. Rhode Islanders want to fix the housing crisis, strengthen public education, and tackle climate change—and Nellie Gorbea is the candidate for the governor who is best able to deliver on these urgent priorities.”

WPRI 12 News just released a poll showing what we have known: Rhode Islanders are frustrated with Gov. Dan McKee’s incompetence and insider politics and they are ready to kick him to the curb. Thankfully, Rhode Island has an outsider and a fighter in Ashley Kalus.
While voters continue to learn more and more about McKee’s incompetence and shady dealings, the Republican Party of Rhode Island is proactively engaging with voters across the state, highlighting the stark differences between the Republican and Democrat Party’s policies.
While Democrats like McKee are focused on doing the bidding of special interests, Ashley Kalus and the Republican Party are pushing for sound policies to alleviate the pain felt by Rhode Island families. As prices at the pump continued to break records, McKee had the opportunity to lead for once by temporarily suspending the gas tax; instead, he turned around and gave Rhode Island taxpayer dollars to politically connected developers. Have we not learned our lesson from 38 Studios?
We’re focused on making Rhode Island the most affordable place to live, work, and raise a family.
The days of “I know a guy” will end when we start electing more Republicans up and down the ballot. Working families should not feel the brunt of shady deals and incompetence.
McKee is just not up for the job of governor, and this November, voters will fire him and his cronies.
Congressional Candidate Magaziner Weighs In
Meanwhile, the same poll reached out to a sample of Rhode Island Voters for the open 2nd District Congressional District. Seth Magaziner reacted to his dramatic lead among “decided” voters

The Magaziner for Congress campaign issued the following statement in response to the public poll conducted by WPRI and Roger Williams University that showed a 6-1 lead in the race for the second congressional district:

“Treasurer Magaziner’s wide lead shows that our message of fighting for middle-class families by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, making childcare more affordable, and protecting a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions is resonating with voters across the district,”  said Communications Director Patricia Socarras. “Magaziner is in a strong position to win the Democratic nomination and take on Republican Allan Fung in November.”

Magaziner was polled at 33 percent, with all other candidates following at 5 percent or less. Magaziner has been the General Treasurer of Rhode Island for seven years where he’s leading a school construction initiative that has transformed 200 schools and created thousands of clean energy jobs. As a member of Congress, Magaziner will fight to create good-paying jobs and help middle-class families keep up with the rising cost of living.

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