In a Planning Meeting held virtually, Tuesday Evening, members of the Pawtucket Planning Commission voted unanimously, 4-0, to approve, per Jay Rosa (Pawtucket Planning and Redevelopment) the preliminary plan associated with the soccer stadium component of the proposed Tidewater Landing mixed-use development project

Mr. Rosa went on to explain: “Referred to as Phase 1A, this scope of construction includes an 11,000 seat multi-use stadium, a pedestrian path along the Seekonk River, a public plaza, and parking located both on and off-site. A condition of this Preliminary Plan approval is that the developer continue to refine the interim parking strategy for year one of stadium operations including parking shuttle frequency, the management of a parking app intended to direct ticketholders to designated off-site parking areas, wayfinding/signage, and recommended police details to assist with the management of traffic and/or the enforcement of street parking restrictions. This final interim parking plan is to be presented at a future public meeting of the Planning Commission.”

The controversial project, coming hard at the heels of failed back to back Minor League Baseball Stadiums, will be financed using sales tax revenue drawn from an as yet undefined segment of Pawtucket. The process, generating enabling legislation, passed by the Rhode Island General Assembly, was marked by secrecy, possibly given the overall disdain that Rhode Island taxpayers have shown for tax supported private businesses. Other details, such a scope of the TIFF District from where sales tax revenue will be drawn, are as yet unknown. Despite an overwhelming paucity of details, construction is slated to begin later this year.

The Coalition Radio Network Will Continue To Cover Ongoing Developments.

The Coalition’s Pat Ford Asks The Hard Questions

Entire Pawtucket Planning Meeting: (Tidewater Landing Begins @ 28:55)




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