From The Michael Neary Campaign:

Neary For All announced today that Michael Neary, candidate for the Democratic nomination in Rhode Island’s Second District, submitted a letter to the Rhode Island Board of Elections yesterday requesting an investigation regarding Rhode Island General Treasurer Seth Magaziner’s $800,000 personal loan to his 2014 campaign. 

Neary also submitted a letter to the Rhode Island AFL-CIO requesting additional information about the unacceptable endorsement process that did not include all candidates or disclose to other candidates/the public about the family relationship between the President and Mr. Magaziner’s campaign manager. We are eagerly awaiting a response from the RI AFL-CIO before taking further action on this particular matter.

The letters are posted on social media and copies are available upon request.

Said Neary, “Based on what we have learned over the last several weeks from news reports and what others have said publicly about this matter, we believe that in the interests of accountability and transparency, this nearly 8-year old matter into these “personal loans” needs to be resolved. 

Mr. Magaziner already attempted to distract from the situation by attempting to get his previous Gubernatorial opponents to sign a “People’s Pledge” about dark money and now he is choosing to simply ignore his fellow candidates here in the Second District as questions continue to swirl about these loans. 

Treasurer Magaziner has refused to answer questions about the remaining $701,500 liability that remains on his state campaign account. His spokespeople have given vague answers that doesn’t resolve these concerns, and his reported income at the time, publicly reported to be under $100,000, adds even more questions that no one has answered for years. 

Of particular interest is the timeline of the loans – Mr. Magaziner reported $550,000 in liabilities in his 2014 “28-day prior to election” report, issued an additional $250,000 loan, and then reported the $800,000 liability in his 2014 “28-day following the election” report.

In our summary to the Director of Campaign Finance, we have asked the office to address these two fundamental questions:

  1. Did Mr. Magaziner improperly receive an $800,000 loan from a member of his family during his 2014 campaign for General Treasurer of Rhode Island?

  2. If so, has he proceeded to file multiple false reports to the Rhode Island Board of Elections by calling it a personal loan that he gave to his campaign himself?

We have taken these steps because of the complete lack of transparency from Mr. Magaziner and his representatives. Rhode Islanders deserve better, and they are tired of public officials attempting to avoid accountability.

If blatant violations of the $1,000 contribution limit have occurred, then we absolutely all have the right to know what has happened here.

The public and the press has asked these questions for years, and if Mr. Magaziner truly believes he is worthy of our vote to be our next Second District Representative in the People’s House, then he must finally answer them.”



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