From The Office of Governor Dan McKee:
Today, Governor Dan McKee shared that Executive Office of Health & Human Services Secretary Womazetta Jones will be leaving state service.
“Secretary Jones’ tenure leading the Executive Office of Health and Human Services has been defined not only by her experience and thoughtful leadership, but also by her passion and advocacy for the communities she serves,” said Governor Dan McKee. “Throughout the first year of my Administration, Secretary Jones stepped up whenever we needed her, particularly as we took bold action to begin addressing longstanding issues at Eleanor Slater Hospital. She has been key in driving our progress on many other initiatives, including supporting an equitable COVID-19 response. Secretary Jones prioritized leading with equity and it has been a privilege to have her on our team. We all look forward to seeing what she achieves next.”
“I want to thank Governor McKee for his leadership. The Governor and his Administration have been a tremendous support to EOHHS and our work,” said Secretary Jones. “It was an honor to lead EOHHS, and the health and human services agencies under our umbrella, using our three guiding principles – choice, race equity and community engagement. Within the first six months of my arrival to Rhode Island, the COVID-19 pandemic began and my focus over the last year and a half has been keeping government running and ensuring that our communities are safe. While there has been positive transformation in our state’s healthcare, behavioral healthcare, and social service systems that underpin the health and well-being of every resident in Rhode Island, more work is needed. I would have loved to continue serving as EOHHS Secretary, to see these transformations through, but I have family needs that require me to return home to Chicago.”
Secretary Jones’ last day of state service will be May 1 – an interim will be named by that date. Secretary Jones will work closely with the Administration to ensure a successful transition.
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