In a stunning move, Now State Senatorial Candidate Jeann Lugo has stepped away from the Lt Governors race and stepped up to take on long time Democratic Operative/Senate Majority Leader Michael J. McCaffrey, in District 29, Warwick.

Mr. McCaffrey became the center of the Rhode Island Political Storm, after “engineering” a move for gun control legislation directly to the Rhode Island Senate Floor, despite a loss in the RI Senate Judiciary Committee. A move Second Amendment supporters view as “Cheating”. Lugo, a Hispanic migrant from Puerto Rico to the Valley area of Providence in 1992, is a true Rhode Island success story, with many seeing him as a new generation of leaders rising up from the streets in what has become the Minority/Majority City of Providence.

The Campaign Republican State Senate Candidate Jeann Lugo released the following statement:

Last week, the Democrats in the Senate used an unusual tactic to move legislation that failed in the senate judiciary committee, bypassing the committee’s authority, to move legislation straight to the Senate floor.

Democrats in the Senate have no respect for voters across Rhode Island. After thoughtful consideration, Jeann Lugo will immediately suspend his campaign for lieutenant governor and instead run for Rhode Island’s state senate district 29.

“The Democrat-controlled Legislature have used unusual tactics to circumvent the legislation-making process because they believe they are not accountable to voters in Rhode Island. Instead of promoting sound solutions to make our state more competitive by reducing unnecessary and burdensome regulations, Democrats find creative ways to capitulate to special interests that ultimately end up hurting Rhode Islanders.

I cannot sit back and watch Democrats in the Senate continue to pass legislation that does not address the constituents’ immediate needs in district 29.

My commitment remains the same: I will be an advocate for taxpayers and push for sound fiscal solutions while championing our constitutional rights. We need transparency in the legislative process now more than ever.”


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