Earlier today, Mayor Robert Garcia (City of Long Beach, CA) hosted Mayor Trey Mendez (City of Brownsville, TX), Mayor Regina Romero (City of Tucson, AZ), Mayor Michelle De La Isla (Topeka, KS) and Mayor Jorge Elorza (City of Providence, RI) for a virtual press conference about the historic investments and generational impacts for local communities and families that would be made available through passage of President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Providence Mayor Elorza figured prominently in the conversation, discussing his recent grant initiative.

The mayors highlighted the fact that 21.2% of Hispanic families fall below the poverty line and need help. The Build Back Better Agenda provides this important assistance by cutting taxes for the middle class, lowering costs for working families, creating more jobs, and sustaining economic growth for years to come. A Zoom recording of the full conference is available here.

“The Build Back Better Agenda is a plan to strengthen this country and especially support families that need it most,” said Long Beach, CA Mayor Robert Garcia. “Making investments in programs that lower the costs of child care, support the care of our older adults, lower health care premiums for millions of families, all while extending tax cuts for families with kids is absolutely needed and the right thing to do.”

“President Biden has made it a priority to lift up minorities in this country and his policies and work in his short time in office has proven that commitment,” said Brownsville, TX Mayor Trey Mendez. “Communities like Brownsville have already benefited from the President’s support and funding and I am confident that we are on our way to building back better than ever before.”

“The Build Back Better agenda includes funding to help alleviate historic inequities Latinos face in several facets of our society – from making childcare more accessible to underserved areas, to addressing the disproportionate impact of climate change on communities of color,” said Tucson, AZ Mayor Regina Romero.

“Investing in childcare and early childhood education is an investment in our overall economic development. This is one of the keys to getting people back in the workplace,” said Topeka, KS Mayor Michelle De La Isla. “We need to ensure that women and single parents all across our country are able to send their children to proper child care so they can go to work, helping their kids be successful, and become future engines of our economy as well.”

“Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has presented, our communities still believe in the American Dream,” said Providence, RI Mayor Jorge O. Elorza. “Investing in our children from cradle to career will prepare our nation to have an educated workforce ready to take on the challenges of a changing world. President Biden’s Build Back Better plan is the bold action we need to make the American Dream achievable for all.”

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