Matthew Hanrahan, spokesman for Ashley Kalus’ campaign for governor, released the below statement following WPRI announcing the results of its gubernatorial poll.

Hanrahan said, “It’s shocking to see a Democrat incumbent, in a Democrat state, way under 50%. Ashley is leading McKee by double-digits with Independents and has a lot of room to grow with Republicans. When Republicans come home and undecideds break to Ashley – it means McKee will be governor for less than two years. Not bad for a year and a half!

“From the very start, Ashley has maintained an unrelenting retail schedule – campaigning from morning to night. She has spent time in all 39 cities and towns – with an emphasis on the urban core – meeting voters where they are and discussing the issues most concerning to them. Her brand of compassionate conservatism is making waves throughout the Ocean State. When people get to know Ashley, she is the clear choice for voters, head and shoulders above Dan McKee. The people of Rhode Island are yearning for change – and change is what Ashley will provide. It’s time to turn the page on the failed politicians of the past.

“Dan McKee has been in office for 19 months, and in that time, he’s continuously used his office for personal and political gain. He’s under FBI investigation for handing out contracts, traded bonuses for endorsements, given hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to developers, doled out raises to his cabinet, allowed an unprecedented rate hike on electricity to go into effect, failed to provide reliable transportation to students in Providence, and refuses to release the RICAS scores in an effort to hide his failures on education. Rhode Island deserves better.

“This is a grassroots campaign that started a movement — putting an end to the ‘I know a guy system’ and transforming Rhode Island into a state that we would be proud to leave behind for our children. This message is resonating with voters across the state, and Ashley is working relentlessly to make Rhode Island the most affordable state to live, work, and raise a family.”


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